CHARLOTTESVILLE, Md. (WJZ)– A history of violence. Prosecutors give dramatic opening statements in the trial of George Huguely, the man accused of killing Cockeysville native Yeardley Love.

Adam May is following every development in this high-profile murder trial and has more on the emotional opening statements.

Love’s mother Sharon wiped away tears as prosecutors presented great details about the night of her daughter’s murder.

Jurors heard about the day Love’s University of Virginia roommate discovered her body at their off-campus apartment in May 2010. She found Yeardley face down in a pillow covered up with a blanket. When the roommate tried waking Love up, she saw blood and an ugly eye injury.

In the opening arguments, prosecutors say Love died of blunt force trauma at the hands of her ex-boyfriend George Huguely from Chevy Chase. They say he planned the beating in advance and that Love may have been alive for up to two hours after she was beaten by Huguely.

Key evidence is an email sent just days before the murder.

“A few days ago you said you’d get back together with me if I stopped getting so drunk . . . I should have killed you,” the email read.

Huguely’s defense attorney Francis Lawrence says there was an altercation, but it wasn’t premeditated.

About Huguely’s level of intelligence Lawrence said, “He’s not that complicated, not that complex. He’s a lacrosse player.”

Both sides agree that after Love’s death, Huguely went to a dumpster and threw away her computer. But they disagree that it was part of a cover-up.

Both sides also agree that Love and Huguely drank heavily the day of her death, so much so the defense will argue that Love passed out in her sleep and suffocated in her own pillow.

But prosecutors argue the liquor fueled Huguely’s rage, and it’s no excuse for first-degree murder.

Love’s mother and older sister Lexi were both on the witness stand Wednesday afternoon talking about the moment they found out Yeardley had died.  When Lexi approached the stand, she made eye contact with Huguely, creating an uncomfortable aura as the two sat there and stared at one another for a brief moment.

One of Love’s best friends also took the stand. She testified that she believes her former roommate felt that she was in danger in the days leading up to her death.

Stay with WJZ for complete coverage of the Huguely murder trial. We will remain on the scene in Charlottesville to bring you the very latest from the courtroom.

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  1. Duane G. Davis says:

    adam may i find it very strange that you do such a indepth story about this young Lady but the death and murder of Mia Nichols was only worth a 30 second clip by your station.does skin color determine the story know me And this ain’t the first time you mislead the public concerning a case. 2-7-2011. toliet bomber. You knowingly with held evidence in my TRIAL exposing Racsim in the court and Media.

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