Tax Credit To Help Senator Theatre Restoration

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Senator Theatre’s owners will receive a $300,000 tax credit to rehabilitate the movie house.

Gov. Martin O’Malley announced the Sustainable Communities Tax Credit for the theater on Tuesday.

Owners James “Buzz” Cusack and his daughter, Kathleen Lyon, plan a restoration that will preserve the original cinema, which has been a North Baltimore landmark since 1939, and add three screens and a small restaurant.

Cusack tells the Baltimore Sun that his proposal was “significantly different” from an unsuccessful submission to the Maryland Historical Trust a year ago. That delay in the tax credit put restoration plans on hold.

He says the theater will close temporarily to complete renovations in time for the big holiday movies.

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  • Taxed And Tired of it

    Can I get a hand out also………I’m tired of working day in and day out to pay for everyone else in this d*mn state.

  • terrance

    Senator is in a Nuckin Figger neighborhood. Jungle bunnies gone wild & the theatre itself suck & smells. Way past it’s glory days.

  • Rajesh

    I like this post a lot Dave! I think I’ve learned tourhgh mistakes that listening is a huge part of leadership. Really hearing what others are saying and fighting the temptation to formulate an answer. Listening gets hard when interpretation is involved; words might not match non-verbal clues. Two other things I’ve learned that I think go along with listening. The first is silence. Allowing the proverbial pregnant pause allows both people in a conversation to process. This is especially effective if eye contact is maintained. It shows (authentically) that you are in the moment, that you are thinking, and that there are no easy answers. The second is asking more questions, even when I might think I know the answer. This allows others to play an active role in the conversation as opposed to being told.Anyway, listening, silence, and questions have been my biggest leadership lessons over the years. Thanks for a great post!Tom

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