BGE: Warm Winter Means Lower Bills

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Gas and Electric customers can expect to pay $100 to $200 less to heat their homes this winter.

BGE says that in addition to warmer weather, falling commodity prices for natural gas and electricity are helping keep down bills.

BGE says on average its customers are expected to pay about 16 percent less this winter.

The central Maryland utility says the typical residential gas customer can expect a total gas bill of approximately $486 for the period beginning Nov. 1 and ending March 31, compared to $584 a year earlier.

Customers with electric heat are expected to pay about $1,040 for the same period, compared to $1,240 the year before.

Delmarva Power, meanwhile, says electricity use for its Maryland customers was down more than 10 percent in December.

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  • Maryland

    Wake up Maryland , these “savings” mean that BGE will have to raise its rates

    Of course BGE’s customers will have the opportunity to “speak out’ and object to these increases at a Public Hearing

    But in the end, the Public Service Commission will approve the increase and your “savings” will end up as revenues to BGE

    • Stupidity Rules

      The rates will go up or the distribution charges will. Then I predict that the greedy politicians will slap some fees and taxes on top because they know what is better for us then we do.

  • jim

    I guess someone in the billing department did not get that memo, because my bill is the same fricken price as it was last year. What’s up with that BGE?

  • Kennie

    Lower rates? Who is getting lower rates? I still haven’t gotten a bill for Decembers usage and the amount owed is almost double what the bill should be! The amount owed for January’s usage is not lower either and it doesn’t make sense to me at all. My bill should be a lot lower than it is.

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