I’m so sick of all this P.C. nonsense.

Yet another school is embroiled in a debate over their mascot name . The University of South Dakota Fighting Sioux are keeping the mascot name despite the possible backlash from the NCAA.

Is anyone else sick of this trend? How is naming a university after warriors of any type offensive? We have Spartans, Trojans, Braves, Warriors etc etc Why are we so over sensitive? How about asking those allegedly impacted and see how they feel ? In Florida the Seminoles came to the rescue of FSU when that name almost went away.

Can we please stop? Until the most offensive mascot name in sports is changed let’s leave everyone else alone.

….Oh yeah and I was talking about the Redskins…c’mon Redskins???? Really?

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  1. Rob Port says:

    It’s the University of North Dakota, not the University of South Dakota, and this has been going on for years. The State of North Dakota sued the NCAA and settled, but couldn’t get both of the state’s Sioux tribes to vote in favor of the nickname (one voted in favor, the other tribe wouldn’t let its members vote). The most recent activity has to do with petitioners in the state forcing the university to bring back the name after retiring it by putting the issue on the June ballot with a referendum.

  2. Bob S says:

    Media hype keeps this stuff going. Owe’Malley made the Native Americans who originaly came from MD sign an agreement that they would not open a casino in order to be recognised by the State of MD. The lilly white white man strikes again.

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