HALETHORPE, Md. (WJZ)—A Baltimore County paramedic is being hailed a trailblazer.

As Gigi Barnett reports, no other African-American woman has reached her rank.

Congratulatory e-mails for Bianca Thompson floods her inbox.

“I don’t think it’s set in yet,” she said. “It’s still surreal.”

Last month, Thompson received a big promotion in the Baltimore Fire Department. Her new title: EMS Lt. Bianca Thompson, Baltimore County Fire Dept.

“I’m the first African-American female officer…lieutenant in fire,” Thompson said.

The new Lt. Thompson put in for the promotion two years ago.

She waited… and waited…then the phone call came.

Thompson joined the department shortly after 9/11.

“That was my epiphany,” she said. “I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people. So a month to the date after 9-11, I resigned from the FBI.”

Thompson now has several paramedics, firefighters and equipment under her command.

Firefighters say she’s blazing the trail.

“I’m happy for her and happy for the department,” said firefighter Wayne Simmons. “Now, she’s making history.”

But Thompson says her goal is to get others like her to the rank of lieutenant and beyond.

“I don’t want to stay the only. And, I’m not going to stay the only. I expect a lot of my peers to come behind me,” she said.

Thompson’s promotion ceremony doesn’t come until next month, but the hard work starts now. She takes over her new rank this weekend at the Halethorpe Fire Station.

In addition to saving lives and putting out fires, Thompson also owns a successful jewelry company.

Comments (19)
  1. Rob Hewitt says:

    No, She reached that rank because she studied hard and did well on the interview AND was a great Paramedic, ^^^^^^I’m not sure who your are or why you would think this way but feel free to talk to me anytime especially since you were to coward to leave your name, Thanks! And Congrats Mrs. B you worked hard and got where you deserved to be!

  2. L Epps says:

    She reached that rank thru hard work and determination!! Maybe you should check your facts before you go around spouting your ignorance!

  3. Amy Eagan says:

    So Mr. Voice, is it your ASSumtion that every black woman and man in a position of authority & superiority only could have gotten there b/c of “minority favoritism B.S.”? Ignorant minds are the weakest of all. I hope your kids or family learn NOT what you teach so in generations to come, people like this WONDERFUL HARD-WORKING DESERVING WOMAN, can be proud of her accomplishments without having to give even one tiny second to RACISM or injustice. RISE BEE!!

  4. LaTanya Scott says:

    Congratulations B!!!! You deserve this and I am so proud of you. Thanks to people like “voice” you have worked hard to brake all of the stereotypes of BLACK WOMEN!!! You are representing us well. Thanks to your hard work, dedication, and passion for your craft, you are the HNIC and you should glory in that. To hell with Voice!!!

  5. L. Hall says:

    As the old adage goes, “ignorance is bliss”. In that case, Mr. “Voice” must be in nirvana right about now, because his comment was sure ignorant.

    I digress – congratulations to Biana Thompson on such a well-deserved accomplishment. You’ve worked hard for this and I’m glad to see it happen for you. Thank you for setting a great example to other young ladies….and allowing them to see that it’s no longer “a man’s world” after all…….

  6. Sandra Stevens says:

    Congrats Bianca, there are still ignorant people out there, but what’s unfortunate is that people who make comments with no name, like Rob said, are cowards. When people say things that are ignorant, shows they have very low self esteem for themselves, and there are some who are afraid of strong, powerful women, and all I can say to them is……..Move over, or get run over, cause I’m coming through. . Congratulations my friend.

  7. Rev. Sean Fields says:

    To God be the Glory for the great things He has done in your life. Words can”t describe how proud I am of the former president of the Guardian Knights (IABPFF), my Baltimore County Fire Academy classmate “Go 83rd”, and life long friend great job Black History pioneer, you make us proud!!
    Rev. Sean Fields 1-E Towson Task Force

  8. joseph witherspoon says:

    let’s just hope mr. voice or john Schmidtberger never need assistance from any one under her command. they may die just because they are shocked that african americans are allowed to drive and walk around freely.

    congrats B and as always continue to let your haters be your motivators

  9. Terrilyn Brown says:

    I’m smiling from ear to ear CONGRATS!!!

  10. Donitra Soohappynblessed Mack says:

    Great job Bianca. You were always setting and accomplishing your goals.

  11. Dani Berry-Sutton says:

    Congrats B… I am so proud and happy for you… Regardless if she is a EMT or Fire Fighter she is the 1st Black Female to accomplish this and she has rank!!!

  12. Kim Godwin says:

    But LT, all the same! Let your haters be your motivation!!!!


  13. David says:

    The only way that they are the same is by pay grade. Different responsibilities and job descriptions.

  14. Marcy George says:

    This is an esteemed accomplishment and I congratulate this young lady on this. Mr. David it seems as if you are attempting to discount her promotion for some reason. As a person of the public I don’t know the difference of the point you are trying to make. She works for the Fire Department, yes? She is a Lieutenant, yes? I am pretty sure that just like any other career, different management positions have different responsibilities, so what is your motive? You obviously work with this young lady to be so passionate about revealing her “job description” but obviously don’t know her or care to know her and what her background or education consists of. So once again I ask, what is your motive? The debate actually stems from the rude racial comments that have been removed since I last looked at this.

    I pray that this young lady is protected from the jealousy and insecurities of the people around her, and once again congrats LIEUTENANT Thompson.

    1. David says:

      Obviously you haven’t read past this post. You posted to this comment prior to reading my last post. My only issue is that in the Fire Dept., ANY Fire Dept., there is a difference between the job descriptions and titles…. The story was reported on incorrectly; PERIOD!

      Congrats to you on your promotion EMS Lt. Thiompson!

  15. big tom says:

    people get job promotions everyday, big deal if she is black or white if she earned it give the job, but when you hype it no wonder people can’t be past all this racial issue

  16. kotta man says:

    Fuc this junglr bunny.

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