BALTIMORE (AP) — A man has been given a three-year suspended sentence for a hit-and-run collision that injured two Johns Hopkins University students last year.

Thomas D. Green must also undergo alcohol treatment as part of a sentence imposed Friday in Baltimore City Circuit Court.

Prosecutors say Green was under the influence of alcohol on May 7 when his car struck two Hopkins students who were crossing the street. Green then drove away.

The students survived and went on to complete their spring semester.

Green, 37, pleaded guilty Friday to causing a life-threatening injury while under the influence of alcohol and to failing to stop his vehicle after the accident.

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Comments (3)
  1. inmyopinion says:

    The f…k’n judge should do time for such a lienent sentence.

  2. colliemom says:

    This makes no sense; was drunk driving, hit and injured TWO people and left the scene; and does NO JAIL TIME? This guy clearly deserved jail time – not this nonsense. This is why we see so much impaired driving; they know there won’t be much of any penalities. Article doesn’t say was fined or if driving privlidges were yanked, sure should have been. Article also doesn’t mention who the judge was, or what this guys driving record looks like.

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Everyone is so ready to rush to judgement but what this article did not mentioned was that the police report cleared Green of the accident because the two students ran in the path way of the car.

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