It hasn’t happened much this year, but Arctic air has invaded the mid-Atlantic.  We dropped down to the teens and low 20s overnight, with the wind chill in the single digits.  Those winds were cranking again Sunday, keeping the wind chill in the teens while actual air temperature only hit 32 degrees at BWI-Marshall Sunday afternoon.  The winds will back off overnight, but those temperatures are going way down again.  We are forecasting a low of 19 degrees at the airport with many places dipping into the teens.

Although this blast of air is cold, it’s not going to last long.  Our average temperature is now 44 degrees and we will get close to that Monday afternoon (although we may end up a degree or so short).  There will be a lot of sunshine early, then high clouds will arrive late in the day.  Those clouds will thicken up overnight and bring some mixed snow/rain showers early Tuesday.  There is not a whole lot of moisture with this storm, but we will get occasional batches of mixed rain and snow showers as it moves through.

It will get out of here Wednesday just in time for another storm to move our way Thursday.  Again, there could be some mixed rain and snow with this one.  But this one will pump milder air up ahead of it, and then keep it here when the storm departs later in the week.


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