BALTIMORE (WJZ)—As Whitney Houston is remembered all over the world, one of her high school classmates — who lives right here in Baltimore– opens up to WJZ.

Dr. Maria Pane practices at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

She spoke with WJZ about what it was like to go to school with Houston.

They both went to an all-girls Catholic high school in New Jersey.

Dr. Pane remembers Houston fondly. She said Houston was one of the most popular girls in school and she was friends with everyone.

They graduated together in 1981.

And at Sunday night’s Grammy awards, Jennifer Hudson performed “I Will Always Love You” in a special tribute to Whitney Houston.

Bigad Shaban reports for WJZ on how Houston’s shocking death impacted music’s biggest night.

Comments (7)
  1. Sharon says:

    R U on crack? You’re not very sympathetic at all. Have a little respect. The world has lost one of the greatest performers of all time regardless of her faults. None of us are perfect. Not even you with your stupid remark.

  2. the mechanic says:

    Whitney was her own worst enemy. She was loved but never loved herself in return.

  3. whatnow says:

    Houston was a good girl until she got hooked up with Bobby Brown. He was her downfall. What a beautiful, beautiful voice lost to us.

  4. maryland resident says:

    she made a choice and her choice was drugs over life

  5. Alex Markov says:

    I was a fan in the 80’s; her heyday. Saw her in concert at the peak of her popularity. Oh what happened? Back then she was the epitome of squeaky clean; in the proceeding decades she downward spiraled into the abyss. This is another example (read: Amy Winehouse) of a drug-addled talent taken far too early. She destroyed herself. Sad, sad, sad. Her fans are asking “where do our broken hearts go?

  6. Bhini says:

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