By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  It’s a Baltimore tradition that started nearly a century ago, and it’s all for Valentine’s Day.

Ron Matz reports on why thousands of people are descending on a small house on Wilkens Avenue to impress the one they love.

It’s wall-to-wall at Rheb’s. They have Valentine’s candy that brings customers from all over.

“It’s jam-packed in here. I’m getting caramarshes. They’re caramel and marshmallows covered in chocolate.  It’s delicious. I’m giving them to my husband Roger. He’s a sweetheart and he’s my best friend,” said Laura Bartlett, customer from Glen Burnie.

“The most popular Valentine’s candy are the vanilla butter cremes.  The truffles are second,” said Rebecca Betz, Rheb’s Candies.

It’s a friendly madhouse as customers chase the candy.

“My wife loves assorted fruit cremes.  I work in Fairfax, Va. but I had to come here on my way to work, and I live in Annapolis.  But it’s Rheb’s and that’s why,” said Frank Romanoski of Annapolis.

It’s a Baltimore tradition with love from Wilkens Avenue.

“It’s wonderful.  They keep coming back. We have the best customers in the world.  They have the tradition and we have the quality and the best customer service in town. There was a line nearly up to Wilkens Avenue this morning,” said Betz.

Rheb’s has been selling candy out of the same Southwest Baltimore house since 1917.


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