BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A Baltimore community is bracing for what could be days without heat or hot water. BGE crews are still working more than 24 hours after a water main repair caused a gas main break.

Andrea Fujii has more on their progress.

The water is back on, so that’s good news for residents, but the gas remains off. The city and BGE are asking those affected to be patient.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over a public utility nightmare in Southwest Baltimore. The Department of Public Works says the problems started around 3:30 a.m. Tusesday in the 300-block of Millington Avenue.

Amanda Dudley has water and electricity, but no gas—and two sick kids.

“It’s terrible. My house is freezing. I had to go buy electric heaters. It’s terrible,” Dudley said.

Apparently a Public Works crew was doing something to a water main. At some point, they say a piece of asphalt fell on a four-inch gas line and broke it. Gas is highly volatile and the process of repairing broken lines is delicate.

“Damage occurred to our gas main. As a result of that damage, the gas main has gotten water into it, so we have to get that water out. You can’t have water in a gas main,” said Linda Foy, BGE.

About 100 residents lost water service for a period of time before it was restored.

BGE says initially about 900 people were affected by the gas main break. BGE needed access to each home to shut off the gas. The company summoned an army of workers to do that.

“That’s a labor-intensive process. We’ve got people going door-to-door throughout this community so we can get access,” Foy said.

BGE says if you have any concerns about the legitimacy of someone seeking access into your home, ask for a photo ID with company credentials or call BGE’s customer service line.

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  1. Charles Olszewski says:

    I have seen 3 trucks with BGE workers in them doing nothing. They told me at 9 am that there will be 30 to 40 BGE workers here by noon. Havent seen any BGE workers out of there trucks since noon.

  2. Charles Olszewski says:


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