Md. DNR Seeks Boating Fee Increases

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources is seeking an increase in boating fees, which the department says are falling short of the costs of its programs.

Boaters who currently pay $24 every two years to register their vessels would see those fees increased depending on the size of their boats.

Under a bill before state lawmakers in Annapolis, owners of boats smaller than 16 feet would pay $50, and those between 16 and 32 feet would cost $125. Boats between 32 and 45 feet would cost $250, and owners of those between 45 and 65 feet would pay $500 while larger boats would cost $700.

DNR officials told The Capital of Annapolis that the state has about $15 million available for boating projects each year and $41 million in projects.

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  • big tom

    so what will this tax give us now along with all the other new taxes?? NOTHING

  • big tom

    remember a FEE is a TAX, as the Dems ponted out when Ehrlick tired it.

  • OUCH

    WOW, talk about something that will hit the commercial fishing and crabbers!!! Get ready to pay more for Maryland crabs and local fish.

  • Agenda 21

    Who says Maryland’s govt. isnt doing a great job. Man Omallley is amazing. He should just surrender Marylands sovereignty over to the U.N. today. Tax , regulate and smother freedom what a traitor he is.


    Cut some of the programs, down size, only spend what you have, eliminate wage increases, cut the top brass salaries, and finally live like the working poor does on a BUDGET.

  • sick of maryland

    So, the Nazis that boarded boats and drilled holes in them for ILLEGAL tracking devices now want to quadruple the cost of registering vessels?

    See what happens when democrats hold unyielding power? There will never be enough money for democrats in Maryland.

    And, finally, for the liberally impaired, A FEE IS A TAX, BOB!

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