Judge Rules In-State Tuition Bill Can Go On Ballot

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A judge has ruled a measure allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is subject to referendum.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Ronald Silkworth issued the decision late Friday.

Supporters of the bill contended the measure is not subject to referendum because it involves funding of state government programs.

However, Silkworth found that the Maryland Dream Act is not a law making any appropriation. Instead, he found it is an act of general legislation to change eligibility requirements for students to receive in-state tuition.

As a result, the judge concluded the measure is subject to referendum on the November general election ballot.

A petition drive by opponents of the measure has already been certified as successful by the state elections board to put the measure on the ballot.

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  • mofo

    Let’s stick together & slam the door on these illegal pricks.

  • Matt

    can not wait for election day! I just hope enough people vote against the Dream Act. Can illegals vote? That’s a legitimate question in this state.

  • happyjack

    I want people to get real angry over this & vote no otherwise shut up forever. The gov taking your taxes to let these bums in our country & educate them feee while you pay higher taxes is un-American.

  • Another take

    Woo-hoo! Now the governor gets to hear the voices of the legal citizens!

  • Jay

    what the state is asking us to do is ignore the immigration law. It is not fair to the in-state citizens that these people who are not in this country legally to have the same rights. We need to enforce the laws and deport those that are in this country illegally. The Governor may finally hear it from us legal citizens but then again we may get a surprise and the voters may vote for this to pass into law. I hope not or we have to ask what are laws for anyway if we are going to ignore them

    • sick of maryland

      The voters were foolish enough to elect O’Malley twice, so it would not be much of a surprise if the voters uphold it.

      Laws and ignoring them, just look at Currie’s case, he gets censured, thats it. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and the Senate censures him. He gets to keep his job and life long bennies for being a thief, or in his defense senile.

      Maryland Democrats, an example of exactly what is wrong with the democratic party in general.

      Do you like them getting richer and richer for being public “servants” while they raise taxes on those of us who are already struggling to survive in liberal Mecca?

  • mike

    Don’t trust O’Malley and his leftiest, Socialist agenda….he could careless about the rights of LEGAL Marylanders …..he will try to rig the vote….. no way in he11 ILLEGALS should get special treatment over LEGAL, LAW ABIDING MARYLANDERS

    • sick of maryland

      Mike, are you not aware that the Democratic Party is the Party of the People?

      Sarcasm off.

      The Party of the People wanted no less than to deny the People to have thier vote on this issue, can the liberal idiots wake up and see what the Democratic party is about? How many more decades do we as a state have to suffer at the hands of Democrats?

      Crushing O’Malley’s liberal self serving agenda is the best thing we can do as a state, so we can squash his presidential aspirations. He will be made a fool of if an ultra-liberal state rejects his “Dream Act”. Remember, he cares about NOTHING except getting to future office, after all this is his “career”

  • boss man

    I’m sorry but Maybe I am simplifying this a bit too much. What part of “Illegal” does everyone not understand.

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