RANDALLSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — Two people were killed in a crash in Baltimore County, and police believe speed may have been a factor.

Captain Mike Perry reports.

It happened just before 2:30 p.m. Tuesday near the intersection of  McDonough Road and Star Circle.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a Chrysler Cirrus driven by Melvin Bettis III, 22, of Pikesville, was traveling on McDonough Road.  For reasons unknown, the Cirrus crossed over the center turn lane into oncoming traffic.

The vehicle collided head-on with a Mercury Grand Marquis driven by Andre Murphy, 60, also of Pikesville.  The Cirrus rotated around,  and then struck a Nissan Pathfinder operated by a 33-year-old Owings Mills woman.

Both Bettis and Murphy were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the third vehicle was not injured.

Stay with WJZ for more on this developing story.

Comments (20)
  1. badmanbart says:

    Speed, distraction, take your pick & you idiots wnder why there is a need for speed cameras all around the beltway. It’s not your private road people, you need to share it.

    1. Mike Hunt says:

      Speed cameras don’t save lives you idiot. They are placed in areas of great concentration to make money for the State. It’s a cash cow. They are only interested in our money.

      1. freddie says:

        Mike, If you know there are cameras everywhere around the beltway, you would be a complete fool to speed. Then again I suspect you are a fool anyway.

      2. John says:

        It wouldn’t be a cash cow if people didn’t speed…they give you a 12MPH buffer…JUST DON”T SPEED and you won’t be fined…It’s that simple

  2. Joan says:

    This is awful. God bless them. I am moving out of this area as soon as I can afford it. People drive like maniacs and it’s going down the tubes, fast!

  3. cms827 says:

    I hope the families were notified before posting pics of the vehicles on this website!!

    1. Sad says:

      I agree. I would be devastated to find out from reading on internet or watching TV. It’s sad that the shock value is more important than a grieving period.

      1. Dmp says:

        On the news and pics were posted before most of the family was notified. Sister of one victim recognized brother”s car. You are right!. It is devastating no matter when you get such awful news. Family members are stil being notified.

  4. Tawanea Goodling says:

    I agree with the speed cameras. As they may be a way for the state to bring in more revenue they can also save lives. Most of the accidents we hear about are related to speed or not paying attention. In addition, I live in an area where there are narrow roads with little or no shoulders. I feel having a shoulder or some sort of skirting can help avoid accidents where driving over the center line is the cause. I am terrified driving down the back roads by my house in fear of someone coming in to my lane and having no where to vere. God Bless all these victims. Hopefully the numbers do not continue to rise.

    1. Mahkameh says:

      tebgrpawaile on November 7, 2011 Not to be a troll, but in my PERSONAL opinion I think neopets is funner when you don’t cheat ever 8 seconds. Its funner earning the Neopoints.

  5. craig says:

    I have lived in randallstown for 40 years and before that intersection was changed it was still bad. It is the topography of the area. This is not the first time and certinaly not the last. God bless the victims.

  6. Steven Gordon says:

    i was there with my tow company to tow the suv and sweep the street very sad, think worse accident in owings mills or Baltimore county in long time so sad!!! people need to slow down seriously. no reason for doing double over the speed limit

  7. Cathy says:

    That is a bad stretch of road,matbe they need to put a guard rail in the center to separate lanes,I live in new town and waiting for the same thing to happen on lakeside,ithey are both a wide stretch of roads and people think it is a raceway.I feel sorry for the family but wait till the autopsy come back,I bet that guy was either drinking or the car was stolen,why why would someone go that fast without thinking and kill an innocent.

    1. TJ says:

      That guy was my coworker and it was his car. He had just gotten off of work at 2’oclock, so he definitely was not drinking. I’ve seen him drive so I do know that he liked to speed a lot. Nonetheless, it’s still sad that this happened to him so young. Please don’t assume things like “guy was drinking or stole the car”. That’s highly offensive and ignorant.

  8. shawnte says:

    we found out when we saw his car on the news….

  9. Steven Spiegel says:

    People are always distracted by cell phones Kids and ect. I was traveling down Nursery rd were they are repairing the bridge. A guy driving a grey pick up and i was in my pickup came over the double line and took my drivers side mirror right off . The jerk keep on going. I turned around to try and catch up with him but he got away. I hate people who hit and run they are useless Jerks.

  10. Road's are Dangerous says:

    who know’s what the person in theChrysler was doing ….crossing the turn lane and then head on into the Grand marquis…..sad for both involved ….dont like to put the blame on anyone but sure looks like the guy driving the Chrysler was the one at fault and the poor 60 yr old was just in the wrong place at the wrong time….only God know’s now ……. hope they both go to heaven

  11. MsPhillyG says:

    NKR, sooo very sorry for your lost and sad that the accident and names posted before all of you were notified.

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