ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — People who leave a job to escape domestic violence would be eligible for unemployment benefits under a measure coming before Maryland lawmakers.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is scheduled to testify in favor of the legislation Tuesday in front of the Senate Finance Committee.

It would apply to someone who leaves a job because continued employment could jeopardize the safety of the person or the person’s spouse, child or parent.

Brown has made legislation to battle domestic violence a priority in recent years. In August 2008, his cousin Cathy was murdered by her estranged boyfriend.

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Comments (2)
  1. freddie says:

    Maybe the Lt. Gov could speak to people of his own race & drive some sense into them. They are the most violent of all races on the planet next to terrorists.

  2. Chic says:

    Perhaps you should speak to the people of your own race who commit most of the heinous murders in this country, who commit most of the violent crime in this country, who are the largest prison population in this country, who receive most of the entitlements in this country, who put us in the current economic mess we are in, in this country, and who are vilified as the most violent, selfish, and damning people to inhabit the face of the earth???….

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