ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland agriculture and environmental officials are opposing a bill to prohibit additional bay restoration regulations on farmers until other states in the watershed catch up to their pollution reductions.

Maryland Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance appeared Tuesday before a Senate committee in Annapolis saying the bill would tie his department’s hands. Richard Eskin, director of the Department of the Environment’s Science Services Administration, says it will significantly damage the state’s ability to improve water quality and meet requirements under a new federally led bay restoration strategy.

Farmers turned out in support of the bill by Harford County Sen. Barry Glassman, noting they are ahead of schedule in reducing pollution. Representatives of environmental groups, meanwhile, said the bill could have significant impact on restoration efforts and force even steeper reductions by others.

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Comments (3)
  1. Nikki D. says:

    This is all pure political postuering & B.S.

  2. Doug says:

    How would we handle a child that said my education is ahead of schedule so I am going to stop learning until everyone else catches up? We’d call them out on their flawed logic. We can’t continue to place the dollar above the damage we are doing to the planet.

    1. Jeff Adams says:

      Guess what Doug, punishing rural Maryland for the Bay’s ills will not “save the bay”. What if they attacked every industrial complex on the Patapsco, would you still say the dollar value is not worth the damage?

      What about states to the north that pollute the bay via the Susquehanna? Why should we be punished and ignore real polluters?

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