BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department is investigating possible racial discrimination in hiring by police and fire departments in Baltimore County.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division recently sent the county a two-page letter asking for more information about its hiring of African-Americans. County officials declined to comment on the investigation, but County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said in a 10-page letter to U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings that promoting diversity in the two agencies “has been a long-standing priority.”

The paper reports that the letter from the Justice Department is dated Jan. 30 and marks the third time since the late 1970s that the agency has investigated discrimination in county hiring.

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Comments (11)
  1. matt says:

    I have an idea, how about you hire the most qualified people for the position regardless of race, age or gender. It’s also ridiculous that the physical qualifications are decreased the older you are and if you are a woman. They should be the same across the board.

    1. Millionsix says:

      Hiring the most qualified would obviously be racist. Shame on you for suggesting that.

  2. Smarter than Matt says:

    It’s because they do not follow the concept of hiring most qualified..that is why they are investigating.

    1. Engine4 says:

      Sorry smarter, you’re only partially right. They do not hire the most qualified, you are correct here. They hire according to the color of a person’s skin, which is racism. Where you are wrong is, that is not why the feds are investigating. They are investigating because there are a few crybabies in the department that can’t get ahead on their own & they want special favors because they are colored.

      1. Tony says:

        Sorry Engine, you are only 100% WRONG. They are not investigating because of cry babies inside the department. The article is about HIRING practices within the dept. How can someone within the dept be “HIRED” again ? The article is not about promotions within the department. So please …before you correct someone….please know what you are talking about. And who uses the word “Colored” anymore ? what are you like 75 years old or something ? get with the program.

      2. Engine4 says:

        Tony, who uses the term colored? Try the NAACP! As long as they use it, I’ll use it. And, I DO know of what I speak. There are several in the department that can’t get ahead on their own, so they want special help from the feds. This is a fact! That’s why they are investigating.

  3. essexman says:

    Since the start of affirmative action, quotas and consent decree the advantage has gone to minorities. I think it was 1964 that LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. Since that time whites have been discriminated against because of the color of their skin (the same as with blacks prior to the act). The Supreme Court is looking at quotas, etc. again in the nations colleges. I do not know if there is discrimination in these departments, but a person should be hired and promoted only on qualifications and merit. If there was a strict quota system only a small percentage of minorities would hold government, which is not the case.

  4. greg says:

    Its not even about the race thing. Its more about people hiring their friends friends and contact. You don’t even get a chance to get hired nowadays. That process allows more foolishness on the job because the goal of a gravy job is to do whatever the hell you want. And you can’t do that when somebody is around whom really want to get the job done. Look around.

  5. tobmore says:

    Discrimination of any kind is wrong. People should be hired and promoted on merit. This is not the case in Baltimore county or thoughout many of Maryland state government bureaucracy . Whenever jobs are tight, people look to give friends and family positions regardless of there qualifications. It’s very real , but until it affects your life, it will always be somebody whining that wasn’t qualified. Wake UP!

  6. Omen says:

    oh my gosh, the first panel on page 14 is stunning. Bea looks I don’t know what. The fcaail expression, the coloring . it’s just beautiful! One of your best panels, although it’s part of a long, long list.And Alan better shake that cough. I was searching all of the panels where he was coughing, making sure that I didn’t see any blood on his kerchief (and we better not see it in the future!)

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