By Jessica Kartalija

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WJZ) — For three weeks, jurors listened to testimony on both sides of the George Huguely murder trial.

Jessica Kartalija explains why one juror says he ‘s confident they made the right decision.

“Her eye was completely swollen shut. You couldn’t even open it.”

Juror Ian Glomski described a photo of Yeardley Love’s battered face. He says the most difficult part of George Huguely’s murder trial was seeing Love’s autopsy photos.

“Even though it’s behind me, the truth is, the scar is going to be there my whole life,” he said. “I never knew Yeardley Love, but I got to know her best friends, I got to know her family, I got to see parts of her life in photographs.”

Love, who grew up in Cockeysville, was killed in May 2010. Huguely was found guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny.

“We all did not think that the killing was premeditated. We don’t think he went over there with the purpose of killing Yeardley Love. George’s statement was very painful and I feel for him, but he bears his responsibility for what happened. I wish we weren’t put in that situation to make that judgment. I wish none of it ever happened, ” Glomski said.

The jury recommended Huguely spend 26 years behind bars.

“When we came out with our verdict both times, I was not afraid to look at George. I think that’s because I was confident that what we did was right,” said Glomski.

Glomski says in recommending a sentence, they asked if they thought Huguely was a threat to society.  They agreed that there was some feeling that as an alcoholic, he would be.

As for the Love family or Huguely himself, Glomski doesn’t know if he’ll contact them.

Comments (3)
  1. L.Cranston says:

    Never, ever talk to the police without a lawyer.

  2. Amanda says:

    While I strongly agree that you should never talk without a lawyer, I sometimes feel like having a lawyer present isn’t really as much as to protect your rights, but to keep your trap shut so there’s the possiblity the lawyer can get you off.

  3. chetta-ketta says:

    Hugely & the others that will surely follow him should remember that just because you came from a family of means, does not mean you’re entitled to get what you want when you want. This kid is as good as dead.

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