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GAMBRILLS, Md. (WJZ) — The nightmare unfolded just days ago on one of Anne Arundel County’s busiest roads– a case of road rage that included a bloody stabbing, a crash and a frightening brawl. Now, the man who was stabbed is facing charges and his wife–an eyewitness–is telling her story.

Mike Hellgren has the story.

Police say they did more interviews with eyewitnesses and those directly involved in the confrontation. They believe both sides were at fault.

911 Operator: “What’s going on?”
“There’s been a stabbing.”

The frightening road rage attack stunned those who watched it unfold Monday on Crain Highway in Anne Arundel County.

“He’s got blood down his shirt. He has been stabbed,” said a caller.

That stabbing victim is a local football coach, Jeffrey Furlough. Police just released a picture of him.

His new wife watched everything unfold and spoke exclusively to WJZ about the terrifying experience. She asked us not to show her face.

“I did not expect anything to happen on my wedding day like this,” she said.

She had gotten married just hours before and was at a stoplight when a passenger in another car– a man police have identified as Ross Brandon Sudbrook– became irritated, and police say, violent. Investigators believe he was upset she and her new husband got out and switched seats.

“And just all the laughter and everything that was taking place in that truck, to have it turn so fast and so quickly with so much rage. At the time, it’s an adrenaline thing,” said the wife.

On the advice of her lawyer, she would not go into detail about the exact events but police say Sudbrook stabbed her husband and took off.

Furlough eventually followed and the two cars crashed about a mile away.

Police say the two men started fighting.

Authorities initially did not charge Furlough. But after consulting with witnesses and the state’s attorney, they arrested him for first- and second-degree assault.

His wife told WJZ the arrest surprised and devastated her. She has this message from her husband: “We will get through this, too. Pray for him and the family.”

She said her children watched the attack happen and she’s still living in fear.

“You have no idea. No idea what it’s like to know that your children’s heads won’t be the same because of what they saw,” she said.

Sudbrook faces multiple charges, including assault. Police say the investigation is far from closed.

“You’re happy. Tomorrow it could be gone. Everything can happen in a split second,” she said.

And change lives forever.

Police say Furlough subdued Sudbrook until police got to the scene. Furlough turned himself in Thursday night.

Police say it’s important that you call them if you feel threatened and avoid a confrontation that could escalate any road rage situation.

Click here to read AAA’s tips on what to do when experiencing road rage.

Comments (24)
  1. Jeff says:

    I want to know why Furlough was out of his car confronting another car at a Red Light. Did he deserve to get stabbed? No. But you don’t get out of your car to confront another driver on the road. That’s road rage. Furlough originally said that him and his wife were playing a game and that’s why he was out of his car, which then led to him being randomly stabbed. That myth was obviously shot down.

    1. wllharrington says:

      Read the story. Furlough got out to change places with his wife. In the original article Sudbrook, the passengerr in the SUV , got out and stabbed Furlough then got back in the SUV and the driver drove off. Furlough chased him to get his plate and description. The driver of thew SUV forced Furlough off the road, Sudbrook got out and he and Furlough fought. Furlough subdued Sudbrook and the police were called. Are you now satified that you have thew story straight?

  2. Frank says:

    Both Mr. Furlough and Mr.Sudbrook have lengthy criminal histories for a variety of driving and violent offences.

    Mr. Furlough in particular has a long history of crimes associated with using his motor vehicle in a dangerous manner.

    I hope both these individuals are proportionally and appropriately dealt with by the courts. Neither deserves liberty or a driver’s license in my opinion.

  3. Stupidity Rules says:

    I agree Frank. Something must be done before some innocent person gets hurt or worse.

  4. Mike Brown says:

    Permament suspension of licenses for both. If they drive again, prison or hard labor detail for several years.

  5. rob says:

    The family father started the agression after the young punk said something derogatory about his wife as for some reason they thought playing musical chairs with seating occurred at a STOP light. Dah ! . Maybe a parking lot would have been better.
    The family man started it and deserves to be punished.
    The young man who looks half the size of furlough was defending himself. Furlough should have stayed in his caR. rISKING HIS FAMILY’S LIFE FOR WHAT??? BAD WORDS ABOUT UR WIFE. SOrry “sticks and stones will break my bones but NAMES will never hurt ME”
    Sudbrook is innocent and just defending himself.

  6. D King says:

    Hey WJZ — it’s Crain Hwy. NOT Crane Hwy. Good grief.

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Whew! They’re not black!

    1. derrick says:

      me too man they would have been call them all type of animals. smh white people

      1. pam zink says:

        Your probably right ! I used to work in Baltimore City & there are quite a few “white trash” people out there too ( equal opportunity I guess ! ) the blacks up there don’t seem to fight with one another as much , they just kill each other ! There’s good & bad on both sides , but you two do have a point ! Take care ! Sincerely, ” Lil’ White Girl” . 🙂

  8. Gabby says:

    Have you seen Furlough’s criminal history? Check out MD judiciary…I bet he wasn’t an innocent victim with a background including domestic violence and assault. Temper, temper!

    1. Ballsohardclub says:

      They’re both disgusting excuses for human beings & the worst part is they can procreate. OMG……SMD & LMFAO.

  9. chuck says:

    Furlough has a long history of comitting car mayhem and repeated serious traffic charges and he still has a driver’s license. The only way this thug will ‘get it’ is jailbird time and long term loss of license before he beats down another.
    ha ha just got married and this neanderthal has numerous domestic violation charges; what is she thinking??

  10. JJJJ says:

    Really? REALLY? This is not a racial issue and both of you decided to make it one? Are you kidding?

  11. Jimi says:

    If you dont have the full story why report portions of it??? This was a lousy attempt at making it into a story…

  12. Cant fix stupid says:

    Nothing but a bunch of dumb Anne Arundel County hilbillies acting like fools! Throw them both in jail.

  13. ??? says:

    Furlough’s insurance should be paying for everything in this incident. But since he ran the other car off the road deliberately is the insurance co. responsible for paying or is furlough .Something about Insurance co not being liable for anything during the commision of a crime.Any thoughts or info on this???


    my family knows how they are. talk about white thrash that would be this family. the location where the interview took place is not where they live. and the fact that they wife works for the CAPITAL GAZETTE. i have seen her at stores and see how her and mr furlough are. i thank the both should loose their jobs and diving rights.

  15. Laurel says:

    Wow dumb and dumber the highway edition…yes, they both should be charged. Two wrongs don’t make a right…like the wife said in the video you don’t know who are messing with these days on the road….and her husband is living proof of that!

  16. Richard Washboard says:

    The wife is worried about her kids but yet they are playing a game on a busy Route 3? And then shes not worried about her idiot husband ramming another car with her kids in it???? All parties are idiots and need to go to jail. And this guy is a coach for our youth?????

  17. jimmy shannon says:

    Man this is the very first time that mostly all comments were on point. thumbs up to everyone except the two dummies that made it a racial issue. Idiota are idiota and I never once put a color on either damn fool. bottom line is don’t you dare talk to me about the children mental state. Neither of you cared about that knowing they were in the vehicle from the very begining. KIDS IN THE CAR AND YOU TWO KNUCKLE-HEADS ARE CHANGING SEATS AT A RED LIGHT ON ROUTE #3? I want to press charges for child indangerment and disregard for human life.

  18. Kane says:

    The title of this article is “Wife Of Man Stabbed, Charged In Anne Arundel Co. Road Rage Case Speaks Out’. The article then says, “On the advice of her lawyer, she would not go into detail about the exact events …”

    What exactly is speaking out if she’s not allowed to go into detail? There is absolutely no “news” in this article.
    It seems to me that WJZ has set an agenda to build sympathy for one of the accused.
    Why would that be?
    Besides the fact that the cheapest interviews are those of family members of someone accused (gee, I wonder how his wife will respond?), this is embarrassingly amateurish reporting and it should have never been posted.

  19. John says:

    This woman needs to wake up. This incident didn’t ‘just happen’. Some dumb kid makes a comment, her husband decides to escalate it and the dumb kid escalates it further and it spirals out of control.

    I’m glad both these idiots got charged and I hope the judges make examples out of both of them.

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