BALTIMORE (AP) — A Maryland state audit is criticizing a $60 million public transportation program created to give rides to people with disabilities.

The report Friday from the Office of Legislative Audit says rides were given to people who didn’t need them or meet the requirements.

The report says none of the 30 applications reviewed by auditors could prove with documents that they needed the service.

Maryland Transit Administration records show that the mobility program provided 1.7 million rides last year for $59.7 million.

Riders pay $1.85, though the trips cost nearly $40 on average.

The MTA says it’s begun a process of more thoroughly screening applications to make sure that the passengers genuinely need the rides.

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  1. Debbie says:

    This should come as no surpirse. This is one of many MD programs that simply waste money with no oversight. And Yet O’Malley constantly wants to add fees and raise taxes when money is constantly being wasted. But hey it isn’t his money. It is from those “taxpayers” who according to him “need to do their share” And let’s raise the gas tax so as we cart around these “unqualified” riders the taxpayers can waste even more money as you pay for thier gas as well as your own.

  2. Honest Steve says:

    What a scam.

    Why is it your neighbors fault that you are disabled? Why should I pay for your situation?

    And shockingly enough there is little oversight in a Maryland State ran program and it appears that there is fraud involved? You dont say.

    The citizens in MD will be in for a good ole time once the tax base leaves this state. You think a billion dollar budget shortfall is hard to deal with? It’s only going to get worst as people continue to realize how much of a scam this place is.

    Continue to destroy the middle class to improve people who dont care enough about their situaion to improve it themselfs.

  3. Bill says:

    Just add this to the 30 million dollar snow budget we have wasted. Really Owe Malley and you want to run the country? We need true transparency and a real bipartisan audit of Maryland State government; The County Governments as well have more waste then people imagine. The health departments waste more then the transportation departments. They work off Federal grants that O Bummer cannot afford? The entire BS mess is the tax payers burden. Just for thought? In Certain counties prisoners that are released and required to seek substance abuse treatment receive gift cards because they actually show up for their free treatment? This was explained as grant funded by the Federal government; again the Taxpayer.

  4. chetta-ketta says:

    This is one area where the gas or transportation fund has been going. The millions upon millions to prop up a obsolete poorly run transit system that ridership pays only about 10% of the cost.

  5. wiseup says:

    someone voted for Owe’Malley……

  6. outkasts says:

    I wish I could pay a 1.85 for a ride to and from work?I could retire off the savings?

  7. Honest Steve says:

    Work…these people arent going to work…let’s not fool ourselfs.

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