WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — The brother of a man who was fatally stabbed has been banned from attending the upcoming murder trial.

The Carroll County Times reports that Jacob DeMario is accused of threatening a defense lawyer in the case. A judge granted a protective order that prevents DeMario from being in or around the courthouse during the trial and from having contact with the defense lawyer, Brian DeLeonardo.

DeMario’s brother, Jeremiah DeMario, was killed at his apartment in Hampstead in September 2010.

DeLeonardo represents Russell Scott Laderer, who is charged in the death and scheduled for trial next month in Carroll County Circuit Court.

DeLeonaro says he was threatened by Jacob DeMario while shopping in Westminster in December.

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Comments (8)
  1. Christopher says:

    Seems a little strange that the brother of the victim would be banned from the courthouse in this case.
    Judge had better have a pretty good and factually based reasoning for this order.

    1. Dave says:

      I think threatening the defense lawyer is good reason enough!

  2. chetta-ketta says:

    Carroll county, the epitome of stiff necked ignorant run amok right wing inbred Republicans * ignoramus’s

  3. RavenLude says:

    chettaketta-i guess ur a classic naive baltimore liberal, anti-police, pro-criminal defense, left wing flake

  4. flyshrty09 says:

    Born and raise in Westminster and I feel the same way as chetta-ketta

  5. NickNackPaddyWack says:

    Who wouldnt threaten a defense lawyer when the defense lawyer is trying to get a murder free. I dont know how these lawyers sleep at night fighting for a murders to run free. Cant wait till those who they let off free kill someone in their own family.

  6. ORLY says:

    NNPW, congratulations on your impressively informed and nuanced understanding of the complicated justice system the founders of our nation crafted. Do tell, which of our esteemed local school systems provided you with your stellar education?

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