By Mary Bubala

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) —  It’s a trip of a lifetime.  Fifty-four Baltimore area students are heading to China next month.

But, as Mary Bubala reports, before they go they’ll have a rare chance to find out exactly what it will be like.

Soon-to-be exchange students at the Jemicy School in Owings Mills come face-to-face with current exchange students from China.

“You can read all the stuff in text books and online, but that doesn’t give you the experience you get from someone who lives there,” said Eric Leikach, Jemicy student.

The Chinese students are here through an exchange program with Baltimore County Schools.  But they took time to visit with the Jemicy students to get them prepped for a journey to their home country next month.

They are exchanging tips about culture, sights to not miss and what to eat.

“Great Wall. The Great Wall.  They should not miss the Great Wall,” said Nemo Galla, exchange student from China.

“They should know some about Chinese food. Yes, because Chinese food is very different from American food,” said Sophie Lee, exchange student from China.

And the students from China are teaching them a few keys words for their visit, like “hello” and “goodbye.”

The Jemicy students will spend eight days in China.  They will visit four different regions. The students visiting from China will head home in eight weeks.

Jemicy says the trip to China is in keeping with its commitment to experimental learning opportunities.

  1. chetta-ketta says:

    This program is headed up by a fellow with the name of: Sum Ting wong.

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