By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — They’re illegal and can be deadly. Dirt bikes are out again on Baltimore streets.

Mike Hellgren has more on the risks and the law.

It’s a dangerous Baltimore tradition: packs of dirt bikes on the streets with no regard for traffic laws. Recent warmer weather has riders out in force. In one YouTube clip, a bike narrowly missed hitting a truck.

“Yeah, it is dangerous because I saw a couple people get killed on dirt bikes,” said one bystander.

Even owning a dirt bike that hasn’t been disabled is illegal in Baltimore.

“We have packs of dirt bike operators that are literally terrorizing neighborhoods. They are running across the city,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Another video posted on YouTube claims to show city cops chasing dirt bikes but police say their policy is not to chase but stay back, and to watch from fixed cameras and their chopper.

“Leading these vehicles on high-speed chases with police cars doesn’t work,” Guglielmi said.

In the Mondawmin area of North Baltimore, people see them all the time. WJZ asked them what they think should be done.

“It all depends on where they’re riding them at. I think they need a place for them to really ride them,” said one.

“A place just strictly for them, as opposed to having them all out on the streets,” said another.

By law, gas stations aren’t supposed to sell fuel for dirt bikes and police can seize bikes that aren’t locked up, but none of that has stopped riders who’ve made the streets theirs despite the risks, knowing it’s hard for cops to track them down.

“At the end of the day, it’s just a recipe for disaster,” Guglielmi said.

Dirt bikes have been illegal on city streets since 2000.

Comments (47)
  1. Ex-Baltimore says:

    This dangerous, criminal and obnoxious behavior is tolerated because it’s only a black-on-black crime in neighborhoods that no one really cares about. In communities that have no standards for civility, law and order, respect, and public decency. However, let the illegal dirt bikers start riding through all white communities like Canton or Roland Park–you’ll then see those illegal dirt bike riff raft being run down and beat down by the police. This is again why I refuse to ever live in mostly black communities every again and I’m Black! Politically Correct black leaders make me sick. To them any kind of law and order policing and control of criminal behavior is over sensitively seen as racism by them.

    1. Leaving Baltimore soon says:

      Actually, they ride all around the University of Maryland, Camden Yard, Inner Harbor area and I have never seen police do anything about it. This is the most obnoxious widespread behavior I have ever seen, and I used to work in the predominately low-income neighborhoods in DC! It’s things like this that make me so ready to move out of this horrible, horrible city where the police can’t even take care of this widespread, dangerous, obnoxious nuisance!

  2. freddie says:

    Ex Baltimore, Amen, right on. Couldn’t have said it amy better. The police largely ignore these kids (thugs) who cut in & out of traffic, ride on the pavements, alleys, at night with no lights. Crack a few upside their skulls & toss em in jail for a month & let them wah wah wah, boo hoo to momma.

  3. Bill says:

    The minute the police try to apprehend these drug dealers and one gets spattered on the streets of Baltimore every civic leader and street corner pastor will cry Tobie was only havin some fun! This played out a few years ago and the civic leaders screamed at the Mayor we needs a race track for the Boyz in the Hood to ride!

    News flash drug dealers are not racing they are dealing! Why don’t Ex Baltimore and Freddie get bats and take back their Hoods. Since whitey won;t help do it yourself.

    1. meeeeee says:

      correction… whitey stopped trying to help. You can lead a horse to water but how long do you wait before calling elmers glue factoy?

    2. Sonita says:

      was 5’6 i would recomend a four ksrote best bet is a crf250r unless your riding on the road dont get an 250x, it adds alot of unneccesary weight (battery, lights, electric start etc) if she is only a slim build its not worth it. plenty of power there to keep her happy but it is a forging bike at the same time.

  4. jones says:

    and you’ll find that these dirt bikes are mostly stolen

  5. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Again, only in black communities is this obnoxious behavior tolerated. The despicable mayors office allows this because of racist double standards. Just let a pretty blond blue eyed child get run over and killed and you see an immediate stop to the illegal dirt bikers.

    1. short set says:

      because it’s the YO’s doing it not the decent WHite Boys

  6. blkmood says:

    Once again the city has proven that if it doesnt deal with the budget,slots,or tourism,then it doesnt matter as long as no tourist or white kids get hurt

    1. Pat Santana says:

      It is intolerable on Frederick avenue. Two schools, Beechfield Elementary and Mt. Saint Joe’s directly in the line of fire from these thugs. I’ve seen them do their wheelstands with a police car sitting on the side of the road. If I were police chief, I would end this as a first priority. And it could be done with the right strategy. It is embarrasing that I live in a city where a blatant crime is routinely overlooked.

  7. badmofo says:

    Ok people, grab your panty hose & listen up. Just like collecting guns, the police should round up all & any dirt bikes. First, they are “DIRT” bikes, the city is pavements & streets of concrete so they are illegal period. Stolen? who gives a fuc, they are illegal in the city of Baltimore.

  8. MD Resident says:

    All the little hood rats and their big thug buddies just run their stolen bikes through out the gehttos of Baltimore. Then they know that the city police will not chase them and they basically get away with it. Then when one of the hood rats or thugs gets killed when they wipe out, their mamma gets on tv with that great statement “my baby, my baby, the policees chased and killed my baby”! Since it is always some one elses fault all the time.

    1. D King says:

      That scenario, unfortunately, is so true.

  9. inmy_opinion says:

    One way to get rid of the the dirt bike riders, shoot to kill.

  10. cp says:

    This article says nothing about how they are cracking down. Can I have 1 minute of my life back.

  11. jr emiinizer says:

    There is a easy way to get these bikes off the street. Place a bounty of $50.00 on each one. For everyone some some calls in and reports they will get $50.00. The bike must beable to run and not a pice of junk. It is impossible to get these bikers when they are on the street. Because of there size they can drive on sidewalks and gop between cars to get away. I know this because I work in those are the bikes are driven in and as a police officer they were hard to stop and you can’t chase them.

    1. lawman 254 says:

      great writing skills as a police officer, if you write like this I can see why criminals get off in court, you cannot write like this and expect to get a conviction, no judge will believe your statement of charges and probable cause, oops did I leak out that I am a real cop…

  12. Josh Simpson says:

    Raise it up

  13. fred says:

    My, my, my. The comments here certainly provide a small window into the darker side of society. A side we are told does not exist in this day and age. Simply amazing, when you know where to look.

    1. donato says:

      You must live in the county

      1. short set says:

        sho do

    2. Jeff Davis says:

      You should know, we are bringing back the darker side you speak of due to the way blacks have behaved the last 20 years. It’s their own fault, you know. We tried, but they wouldn’t have it.

  14. Raymond says:

    There is a Shell station on Russel street across from the stadium and the last warm spell we had there must have been 20 dirt bikes getting fuel and the police were just acting like they didnt see anything. Why didn’t the police at least bust the station for selling fuel to these :African Americans” that have NO respect for the laws of our city?!!

    1. meeeeee says:

      For one its too much paperwork for them to want to handle it. That gets in the way of them getting back to balimer st and check the triks. For two… They cannot catch the dirt bikes why do you think hustlers use dirtbikes… Cops CANNOT catch someone on a dirtbike with the rules in place there are today. If there was one smart person in Baltimore, there would be a division dedicated to dirtbikes since drugs are usually run by them because COPS CANNOT catch a dirtbike.

  15. Tired of the wild west in Baltimore says:

    Very sinple solution. All motorized vehicles over 100cc should have to be registered with the MVA at the time of purchase. Also, insurance should be required. Then when a dirtbike is confiscated in baltimore it should be immediatly destroyed.

  16. jr emiinizer says:

    This is just a revolving circle. They take away their dirt bikes and then the the city sells them at the once a month auctions at the city yard.

  17. Chic says:

    I’m continually amazed by the commentary on these pages – generally, comments fall into (2) groups: those who propose solutions and rationally thought out approaches, and those whose racist opinions are formulated by their own prejudices and 30 second sound bites on our local evening news broadcasts. This city is a tale and a tragedy of opposites – Roland Park is countered by Ashburton; Hampden, by the New Sandtown- Winchester. Our crowning jewel, the Inner Harbor, is visited by every social and economic level of folk in the city.
    Yet, their are still those who judge the majority population of this city by the lawlessness and indifferent behavior of a disrespectful 10% of it’s residents. I, and others, neither condone nor make excuses for their attitudes or behavior. Take a reality pill – and realize that 90% of the majority population in this city are hard-working, God fearing, law abiding citizens, just like you…….

    1. short set says:

      Hey chic ever heard of Freedom of Speech, we aren’t yelling fire in a Movie theatre so it’s our right to express our opinions jaust as much it’s your right to yours

  18. Jay says:

    Its not being prejudice its opening your eyes and seeing whats real then having the stones to say it. I grew up in Brooklyn on Brooklyn ave in the late 70,s and early 80,s. This was the nicest street in Brooklyn with cookie cut lawns and well kept houses..people took pride. Then they tore down Fairfield and moved the inner city to the Brooklyn, now its a cesspool of boarded up houses and thugs hanging out on corners, my god there’s even trailers with lights that shine all night and dirt bikes everywhere. These are not white folks that trashed this area, the white folks got disgusted and move out due to increasing violence… like it or not that’s reality.

  19. Jerry says:

    Speaking as a white minority , if the station or business is owned by a black owner nothing will be done. Wait until a white owned business sells gas to the dirt bikes then the city will try to close them down. That’s the way it looks., example on Greenmount where the guy went in to get some dinner at a carry out owned by an Asian for his family and got shot , he was made to close down. But there is a night club on Greenmount not far from 32nd owned by a black person that had fights, stabbings and at least 2 shootings is still opened and doing a good bussiness. What dose that tell you.

    1. short set says:

      is a front for a black drug lord who is paying the corrupt politicians off to stay open, that’s what it tells me. When has an Asian owner ever given anything away to anyone, they will argue for a penny demand from you but try not to give it to you even if they owe it.

  20. Jay says:

    Example…im leaving the Brooklyn Park McDonolds yesterday and i see trash come out the window of a car and caring about my community i walked over to the car and politely asked her if she would please pick up her trash and throw in in the trashcan that i live in this area…..she sad F&ck you cracker mind your own business…with that i walked away but imagine had the tables been turned….now im watching Brooklyn Park in aa county follow the same fiat as Brooklyn.

  21. dannyboy says:

    Jay, You can’t reason with ignorant, stupid or intelligent people. You’re lucky you weren’t shot or stabbed by these hood rats.

    1. dannyboy says:

      I meant unintelligent.

  22. kikilovesdirtbikes says:

    there is lots of talent in this city yes its dangerous to ride through traffic but i honestly think this so called broke city can make lots of money making events and letting these people show off their talent why does it half to be about black people its a sport people and alot of these ppl are damn good at it

  23. Jay says:

    KIKIL …if these guys have talent then let them work to achieve a goal as i did…why should these guys have something else handed to them just because they live in a certain area…get a job…get a truck to haul these things to a track. Dale Earnhardt didn’t have a race track delivered to him he chased his dream. Im tired of people waiting for handouts.

  24. The Grump says:

    Can a dirt bike outrun a bullet ? It all depends on how serious the politicians who run the Baltimore City cops are. If you’re not serious about enforcement, don’t expect help from me. Give me immunity from prosecution, and I’ll open the car door on them as they try to squeeze by, and finish the job with my baseball bat. See, they’re not serious at all.

    Nice try, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, but my BS detector went off the scale. Come back when your bosses are serious.

  25. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


  26. Gruppensfuhrer says:

    The Jew is using the Black as muscle against YOU!

  27. Richard P. says:

    Here is an idea when the police take possession of the dirt bikes how about destroying them instead of having an auction, selling them, at the end of the year for money. This way they don’t make it back on the streets.

  28. chetta-ketta says:

    They’re all useless coons.

    1. fred says:

      LMWAO…so true

  29. fred says:

    Jeez…they look like a bunch of babboons on bikes performing some tricks at a circus…i would love to see them dumb chimps get mowed over by a semi.

    How’s that “diversity” and “tolerance” working out for you folks in Baltimore???

  30. JLeews6 says:

    My son races motorcycles and he has never been on anything other then a public track or our private track. I have raced for years and when your at the track all you see is family’s together doing something that they love and my son and I have some of the best times of our life’s together at the track. Its sad that they “outlaw” dirt bikes because of these low life’s that have no respect for anything.
    I would bet my paycheck that at least 50% of the bikes that these punks are riding are stolen and also, How are these guy’s out during the day riding bikes? Don’t they work? OH,,,They must work at night LOL.

  31. mofo says:

    JLeews6, Work???? They be collecting they welfare check & robbing people at night. These knuckle dragging spear chucking raisin head low lifes are just a breed of wasted sperm. Banana eating baboons.

  32. MD DAD says:

    Take away the dirt bikes and Rawlings Blake wouldn’t be able to get to work.

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