WHITE MARSH, Md. (WJZ) — The state had hoped by now to have special express lanes open on I-95 from the city to past White Marsh.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, the final project allowing these new toll lanes to open has begun.

The scream of I-95 drowns out what the state wants to crow about: construction here and on the other side and all around White Marsh Boulevard. The state is beginning a project that should have been done by now, but a few years ago, work slowed to a trickle. The recent weak economy means the toll authority hasn’t been collecting as many tolls, meaning they didn’t have as much revenue. But with fewer road projects nationwide, contractors began offering better deals on all state roadwork.

“A lot of the bids are coming in lower than anticipated due to the economic climate, which has freed up a portion of money,” said MdTA Chief Engineer Doug Hutcheson.

Enough money so in two years, the first eight miles of express lanes will open. Soon, the White Marsh Boulevard bridge will have ramps that connect it down to the new toll lanes being built where the median used to be. Yes, toll lanes. You will pay a toll for the privilege to drive past the most congested part of 95 from the city line out past White Marsh.

“Some people, they want to go, go, go but others are mindful of what they got in their pockets and they can’t put it out,” said commuter Chuck Rhine.

“But if you’re running late or you gotta go, it’s your penalty for running late,” said commuter Lisa Foust.

The idea of the express lanes is to have them stretch to the Delaware line. As of yet, no money has been located to design or build those sections.

Comments (10)
  1. Wiseguy says:

    ……..get ready for the State to start a taxing something else in order to pay for this because they have stole the money to line their pockets.

  2. TruthTeller says:

    Pay a toll to ride on a road I have already paid for? I don’t think so and neither do many who have chosen to not use the ICC tollway in PG and Mo Counties. This is a state government that has totally lost touch with reality and the public it used to serve but now controls.

    1. Micael says:

      Amen!! I drive down 95 every morning headed to 495 and can say it is a rarity I see any vehicles on this road during rush hours. Yet another well thought out waste of time from the Owe’Failure administration.

      1. Gaddorm says:

        Actually, the ICC was a well thought out waste of time from the Ehrlich administration that didn’t finish until the O’Malley era. I suppose just blaming everything you disagree with on one party works too. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

  3. keets says:

    Great, the tax on gas you paid for built these Lexus lanes that you can’t afford to use.

    1. Gaddorm says:

      The gas tax isn’t paying for this. The money to pay for these types of projects on the highway come from toll revenue in other sections of the state, such as the bay bridge, fort mchenry, etc.

  4. keets says:

    tHE GAS TAX IS WHAT BUILt these highway before a nickel was collected in tolls.

  5. HdG Bill says:

    We get EVERYTHING we deserve…they steal from us and we keep voting these bums back in office. Throw them ALL out of office!!!

  6. The Grump says:

    Not my problem. I take 695 to avoid tolls, although 95 would be a bit faster. In 3 1/2 years, I leave Maryland forever, to become yet another resident of the great state of Florida after I retire. Good riddance to all the jerks who keep voting these (*string of censored words deleted*) Democrats into office. After I’m gone, you can vote yourselves $10.00 a gallon gasoline taxes, $20.00 tolls, bottle taxes, cigar taxes, flush taxes, green space taxes, and every other tax you can think of.

    Just DON’T move to Florida when the taxes YOU voted for become too much to bear. Move to California instead. Thank you.

  7. dannyboy says:

    The grump, At $4, $5 a gallon of gas, that makes a lot of sense. Just wait until you arrive in Fla with that A-hole governor & Senator Rubio have in store for you. Bet you get shot & robbed the first wk by the blacks, cubans or Haitians.

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