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Father Gets 25 Years For Killing 2-Year-Old

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for fatally beating his 2-year-old daughter with a leather belt.

Tyrone Hamber had pleaded guilty in October to child abuse resulting in death in the killing of Melonie Hamber in April 2010. He was sentenced on Friday.

Hamber admitted to beating his daughter unconscious with a belt before calling police. He had initially told investigators that he found the child unresponsive on the bathroom floor.

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  • Larry Braxton

    Why only 25 years? Is that the maximum for this crime in Maryland?

  • Trac

    There should be some network…where..prisoner’s are given small rewards for assaulting these types when the enter the prison.
    A fund would pay out: $100.00 for a lock in the sock shower party
    perhaps…$150.00 for beating him unconcsious with a belt….

    Give him what justice feels like vs 25 years where some stupid judge will release him after 10…so he can populate the world with his sperm

  • Carol Zimmerman

    Why should he even be allowed to live. He is the lowest form of living matter. A grown man beating and killing an innocent child FOR ANY REASON much less because she soiled herself. Why do we feel that he should go to prison when really he should go to his grave.

  • Sick

    Sociopath is what comes to my mind….how on God’s given Eart could you possibly beat a 2yr old cjild to death with a belt…..25 yr in prison? doesnt fit the crime… in prison with no parole at the very least….there is really quite frankly nobody worse than someone who beats a 2yr old to death with a belt…it makes me sick and I myself want to administer my form of beating on him….but no he’ll go to jail for 10 yrs and then let out to commit another crime….Sick person who wud do this and shud never be let out again

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