Joe Linta, who is the agent for Joe Flacco, said that dialogue has started with the Ravens and him. He said the first conversation was about re-affirming that Flacco is the Ravens franchise QB, that the Ravens want him and he wants to stay. He says there is nothing adversarial about this. That’s a great first step.

The Ravens will pay Joe Flacco a lot of money. They shouldn’t (and I assume won’t) pay him Top 5 money, but if they get him between guys like Cassel and Fitzpatrick on the bottom end, and Brees and Brady on the top end he should be happy. If the great QB’s  make 16 million a year, and the decent ones make 10 million, Flacco should be a $13 million dollar QB.

He can search for more, but I hope he is smart enough to realize that he’s on a team with a great GM and owner, and as a result, will be in a position to win most years.


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