COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ)—For 30 years one local company has made it its mission to offer affordable housing to the community.

Monique Griego has more on how Harper House in Columbia is doing just that.

Having her own place to fix up and decorate is a big step for Marcia Sanders after Hurricane Katrina forced her from her home in Louisiana.

“It was devastating emotionally, financially,” she said.

Sanders felt lost until she found Enterprise Homes and the Harper House in Columbia.

“Once I got here it was just a huge sense of relief to know that this was my place,” Sanders said.

Enterprise Homes President Chickie Grayson says Jim and Patty Rouse started Enterprise Community Partners with one goal in mind.

“They wanted to make sure there was fit and affordable housing for people of all walks of life,” Grayson said.

Now on the company’s 30th anniversary, Sanders says she’s proof and Rouse is reaching his dream because without the Harper House, she wouldn’t have a home.

“At the time I wasn’t working and my rent was real low so that was a real life changer for me,” Sanders said.

Recently Harper House underwent $20 million in renovations.

They wanted to show people of all incomes can have homes they could feel proud of.

“Your environment makes a huge impact on your outlook, so I feel renewed in a way,” Sanders said.

Enterprise has many low-income housing projects in Maryland and across the country.

Comments (2)
  1. dannyboy says:

    What they don’t tell you is that Columbia is F…..k’d up because of low income housing & section 8 B.S. criminals. Drugs, murders, crime & it’s 99% black related.

  2. camo says:

    What, you disable my comment because I put bullsh-t in it? OK lets try it again.I said ” Mr. Rouses great experiment now circling the drain because of section 8 Bullsh-t”.Just like every place else the government transplants it, the soil grows sour.

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