GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland woman says a priest refused her communion during her mother’s funeral. She alleges the priest had an issue with her sexual orientation.

Mary Bubala has more.

“I was stunned,” said Barbara Johnson.

It’s been an extremely difficult week for Barbara Johnson, perhaps the most difficult week of her life.

“I feel very sad,” Johnson said.

It all started on Saturday at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, where friends and family had gathered to say goodbye to Johnson’s mother, who died last week after a brief illness.

“I was in the first pew, in the first seat next to my mother’s coffin,” Johnson said.

Just a few minutes before the funeral began, Father Marcel Guarzino, who was presiding over the service, apparently learned that Johnson was involved in a romantic relationship with another woman.

“I am a lesbian,” she said.

A lifelong Catholic and former Catholic school teacher, she says she hadn’t even considered that her sexual orientation would be a problem with Father Marcel until she stepped forward to take communion.

“He said, `I cannot give you communion because you live with a woman,'” she said.

Though shaken by Father Marcel’s actions, Johnson says she tried to compose herself to give her mother the dignified funeral she deserved. A few minutes later, she began her eulogy.

“At which time, Father Marcel left the altar and didn’t return until I finished my eulogy,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the story gets even worse. After first refusing to give her communion and then walking off the altar when she was giving her eulogy, Father Marcel refused to accompany Johnson and her mother’s body to the cemetery in Aspen Hill. Instead, she was told that Father Marcel had suddenly become ill.

“No other family should have to suffer what we did from this man,” Johnson said.

In a written statement, the Archdiocese of Washington conceded that Father Marcel acted improperly, saying, “Any issues regarding the suitability of an individual to receive communion should be addressed by the priest with that person in a private, pastoral setting.”

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  1. Kay says:

    That’s just sad. The Catholic church can ignore what their own do behind closed doors, but not others? Although Fred S, you do have a point there! But very inappropriate at her own mother’s funeral.

    1. BillyBobx says:

      She chose to ive the life of a sexual pervert and the Catholic church refused to change their morals to accomodate her sexual perversions.

      1. Jerry says:

        Dead on !

      2. Nathan Sear says:

        Better to be sexually perverted than morally void, I suppose. 😉

      3. David says:

        regardless of which ‘sins’ a person has committed, they should not be refused by the church. The priest has no right whatsoever to refuse someone who accepts Jesus, even if they are in the midst of what the church would consider a sin. and if they can let a child molesting priest continue to be a priest, then they’re just a bunch of hypocrites a**holes

      4. jh says:

        how, dewfuss, is morally void to stick to your morals?

      5. Nathan Sear says:

        You can call something a moral but that doesn’t make it a moral. A real moral has to have justified reason, and there no justified reason to condemn someone because of their sexual preference at any point in time, and least of all when they’re in mourning and burying their own mother.

      6. American Patriot says:

        Just dead would be fine.

      7. Say what says:

        Looks like the next contestant for the biggest loser.What a beast.

      8. SoldierofObama says:

        The Priest deserves a cold one, on me. Let the sexual deviants continue to claim that they are “normal”, when in fact they are very ill and in desparate need of treatment under the DSM-II.

      9. CJ says:

        Well, the Catholic Church should know about perverts, shouldn’t they?

    2. Another Pilgrim says:

      This isn’t just a Catholic thing. The Bible is pretty straight forward about who is and who isn’t to receive communion. The whole pedophilia angle is irreverent to the discussion. Paul explains to us the importance of observing communion reverently, 1 Corinthians 11:27-32. Since she is a Catholic she knows the Church’s view of her lifestyle. She should have respected the rite and opted out. At least that is my opinion

      1. Navymum says:

        You are right. I am sure we will never here the full story and that this woman knew exactly what she was doing. She just wanted her 5 minutes of fame. She got it attacking a Catholic priest.

      2. Lex says:

        This is ridiculous!! Good thing she wasn’t in Iran or some other Muslim country, She would be dragged out and beheaded in front of all for being gay. This is America, the Constitution protects her freedom of choice here. “To each his/her own” is what I say. The Constitution also protects the Churchs religious freedom and does not say that the Church must change its rules for anyone. Does she think that by changing those rules she gets into heaven? We cannot change the word of God.

      3. Jenna says:

        She wasn’t even Catholic, she was Buddist. but since she was raised Catholic, she KNEW that she ought not recieve communion, but she wentup there anyways to trap the priest in politics. If he gives it to her, the Church is inconsistent and she dissuades a bunch of Catholics. If he doesn’t, it’s discrimination. What’s iffy for me is which side he should have chosen.

    3. Charlie says:

      Why would she expect communion. It’s not about her and her narcissist hedonistic lifestyle. Her mother was given a Christian burial by the Church. This woman excommunicated herself. She is no longer entitled to Communion.


      1. Hugh (Bart) Vincelette says:

        Sir, your knowledge of the Codex Juris Canonici (the Code of Canon Law)is absent, totally. It is absolutely mind numbing; that so many comments on the Internet are supposedly in defense of the priest, whose actions have been & will continue to be; condemned by leaders appointed by the Successor of Peter, in Rome. We call them bishops/archbishops. Theologically, sociologically, & scientifically; her imprinting of the chemistry of human love is not by any means; hedonistic nor narcissistic. I’d suggest you brush up on the teachings of the Prince of Peace, & various papal encyclicals.The fault herein lies with a man who has defiled the Church & the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

    4. TVrebel says:

      That’s just sad. The Catholic church can ignore what their own do behind closed doors, but not others? Although Fred S, you do have a point there! But very inappropriate at her own mother’s funeral.

      Kay, the church does not ignore what is happening, and by your standereds all public schools should stop ignoring what goes on behind close doors. After all public school teachers out did the Catholic Church by 2 to 1 when it comes to child molestation. Look in your own back yard.

      1. Weary of This Tired Argument says:

        Are you a practicing Catholic? If not, you have nothing valid to add. The priest sex scandal was bad, but only a tiny fraction of what it is in other youth-contacting professions, such as teachers, ministers and counselors. You can’t say that the Catholic Church can no longer enforce the teachings of Christ because there are sinners in its ranks. We’re all sinners. That’s why we need Christ and His Church in the first place.

      2. B Young says:

        When are the lies about priests and pedophilia being ignored going to end? More children are molested by protestant youth ministers every year than were molested by al the priests that were accused. That is supported by even the anti-Catholic NYT, so look it up. The fact that some GAY Catholic priests decided to molest boys does not remove the Church from a responsibillity to point out when people are sinning, including those priests and every Catholic who asks for Communion. It would seem that until she told the press, no one else knew about it, including those who were around her. I thnk that means she wasn’t embarrassed until she decided to make a big deal out of it, which hte priest did not do.

      3. Catholic Guy says:

        @B Young Agreed she is the one exposing herself here. It looks like a case of “Look at me” syndrome

      4. Jed says:

        Weary– no one could deny that pedophiles pollute good institutions– YMCA, Boy Scouts, Public Schools, Protestant Churches… the difference between these institutions and the Catholic Church is that they lack the institutional structure to hide these crimes. Changing names of priests, moving them to different diocese, different states, different countries– this is the proven preferred pathway of dealing with these criminals, hiding the crime, shunning Christ’s teachings of accountability and transparency. All by putting the Catholic Church before their Christian faith. We are all weary,

    5. TakeNoBull says:

      Kay it may be inappropriate as to PC. But your going to heaven or hell is not based on PC.

    6. Norman says:

      The Catholic Church teaches that their very own clergy are going to suffer more for their sins than non-clergy and I also heard of a priest stating that the road to hell is paved with the skulls of fallen priests…. How exactly are we ignoring wrong doing? (also, please note we believe in eternal suffering and that people decide their own fate but that God wants you in heaven)

      What the priest was doing from a biblical standpoint is saving her soul by not letting her ingest her own condemnation (1 Corinthians 11:29 specicially warns against taking the bread unworthily… if you’re going to ask what makes you worthy, technically nothing but what makes you worhty enough is confession, i.e. having your sins forgiven before you ingest the bread, that way you’re not defacing God by putting his holy presence into your sinful state- pretty sure that’s what God wants you to avoid and why those ‘rules’ exist.

      I agree with you that the timing was off (really on both parties), but if the priest didn’t do that, he’d have to explain how and why he’d let one of God’s children ingest their own condemnation like that to God himself, maybe he didn’t want to say “well I disagreed but it was only for a short time during a ceremony, plus I didn’t want to make a scene so it’s ok right?”; Would you accept this answer if a priest stopped your child from drinking what you identified as them being allergic to, even if they wanted it?

    7. TJ Johnson says:

      Actually, what happened behind closed doors happened (primarily) with hom-o-sexual priests.
      Good for the church. I may start attending again.

      1. Jed says:

        Wrong. What happened behind closed doors were re-assigning priests to different cities, states, and countries to shield the church from being accountable.

    8. TeaRunner says:

      Somehow, I doubt she’s set foot in a church since long before she went gay. This would already be dealt with instead of forcing the issue at a funeral. She expected the church to bend to her lifestyle. It doesn’t work that way. The church encourages you to leave before something like this happens. Her choice, her shame. Don’t like it, don’t become a Catholic.

      Not everyone is required to accept to you no matter how many tantrums you throw.

    9. LOLiberal says:

      Why would a gay buddhist want to receive Communion anyway. The Priest denied her because she was open about her gay sin and her rejection of Jesus Christ…he did the right thing.

    10. john says:

      I do understand that what you might do in a third world in different then the first world. When my wife was in grad school and we were about to be married she approached a Catholic church in the center of town and as a student they addressed her as transient, not part of their community and sent her else where. It was the last day we were Catholic. They may feel they win a particular battle this way but make themselves irrelevant and will lose the war with this behavior over birth control, gays ,abortion. Like the Mayan who built great edifices , now are in the dust boles of history.

    11. J says:

      PLEASE READ THIS! The news always shows us what they want us to see. Read this post in this link and take that into consideration!

  2. Tomas Agent says:

    This sure doesn’t sound like anything Jesus would do..Despicable behavior by the priest…I will never step foot in a Catholic church again

    1. J says:

      just because of one priest does something controversial you are not going to a Catholic Church ever again?

      1. dave martin says:


      2. vvvL says:

        Thousands of priests have molested millions over the years. There is your reason. They are the degenerates and a cult.

      3. TakeNoBull says:

        J its only controversial with those who choose to sin and be sinners.

      4. Max says:

        The same percentage of priests have been accused of sexual abuse as every other profession save one, government, i.e. public, school teachers, where it is much higher.

    2. Gabrielle says:

      One action by one priest and you’d change your religious faith? Really!?

    3. bob_builder says:

      The Church will be better off without you.

    4. jordan says:

      And how often do you set foot in a catholic church anyway…honestly?

    5. Jerry says:

      Maybe??? the Catholics wouldn’t want you to there Tomas???

    6. stevez says:

      You shouldn’t if that is what you believe. Because, by definition, you are then, not a Catholic.

    7. Dan says:

      SO Tomas, how many times have you EVER step foot in a Catholic Church before?

      Who care how someone else behaves? We must focus on our own eternal salvation. Think about our own personal judgement before God and his disposition of our immortal soul.

    8. Bruce G says:

      If you are Catholic, the priest’s action shouldn’t surprise you. If you’re not Catholic (most likely), keep attending the church of your choice. The “Church of I’m OK, You’re OK” is out there for everyone. It just matters what God wants of us.

      Can’t say I really know, but I’m pretty sure we are all a serious disappointment to Him.

    9. Another Pilgrim says:

      I’m pretty certain that you don’t know what Jesus would do in this situation. He stood opposed to religious legalism but he also was very strict about maintaining a reverent attitude in a house of worship.

    10. Defeat Liberals says:

      I doubt that you ever have.

    11. william says:

      Obvioulsy Tomas doesn’t have a clue about “what Jesus would do.” Yeah, he forgave the woman taken in adultery. BUT ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT SHE STOP DOING IT! was the sodomite going to cahnge her ways?

      1. Rob Czeranko says:

        Actually, Jesus never forgave the adulterous woman. He told her to go on her way and to to sin no more. In addition, she never asked for forgiveness.
        The priest did what was required of him according to his rules. It was his call and his alone. While it may seen tragic that it happend at this woman’s mother’s funeral, that has no bearing on this situation.
        Indeed, the Pope has stated that if you are in office and vote for abortion legislation, then you cannot receive communion.

    12. Old and in the Way says:

      Tomas Agent, if you were REALLY a Catholic, this wouldn’t have been any surprise. That you are gay is not a sin. That you act on your gay feelings is the sin. That you are a pedophile is not a sin. That you act on your pedophile feelings is the sin. That your are an alcoholic is not a sin. That you act on your alcoholic feelings is the sin. We all have tendencies that must be controlled, that is the human condition. This woman, if she was indeed raised Catholic and taught CCD, would hav eknown that she was not in communion with the church.

      1. American Patriot says:

        Is heaven going to be packed with idiots like you?

    13. norke01 says:

      sounds like you were never going in the first place, so you won’t be missed.

    14. catie says:

      Tomas, you’re so dramatic

    15. larry says:

      Doesn’t sound like you’ve spent much time in church anyhow. Jesus would have forgiven her and told her to sin no more.

    16. SeanKD says:

      Show me one place in the Bible where Jesus ever condoned sin and blessed it. Until then, kindly keep your mouth shut about what Jesus would or would not do. As for not setting foot in a Catholic church, I think you and the the Catholic Church will both be happy with your decision.

    17. Mark says:

      Yeah Right. Like you actually are catholic.

    18. Weber says:

      I would be refused communion for having STRAIGHT SEX, because of the fact i am not married. You can not recieve the host with mortal sin on your soul. and the only way to get rid of mortal sin is to confess with the promise of never committing that sin again. Also if you are not catholic you can not recieve communion in the catholic church! You can not expect a religion to change its traditions and beliefs because everyone else gets their feelings hurt. So
      Tomas make sure you know about the subject before bashing an entire religion. Jesus gave his body and blood to his disciples in the last supper, and if you know anything about the bible you would know that those men chose to follow Jesus and the words of his Father. This woman clearly is not taking that path so she should not have attempted to recieve the body and blood of the lord.

  3. Charlie says:

    Why should the Church let her receive Communion, when she is not following the laws of the Church and God…

    1. Hank says:

      Why would the church be so evil as to abuse a woman at her mother’s funeral, and why would YOU be so bitter as to support the act ? Shame on you

      1. J says:

        It is against the Church to be be in a relationship with someone other then the opposite sex. I think the priest is right in what he did but should have been more respectful to her and her family. Also he was right to walk out on the eulogy because you are not suppose to have one during Mass.

      2. bob_builder says:

        You bend to the will of the Chuch, NOT the other way around.

      3. dave martin says:

        moron it is the eucharist…not communion…you must be clean of SIN to recieve…what don’tyou UNDERSTAND

      4. denihie heath says:

        you hit it right on the head Dave

      5. Pete says:

        Dave Martin, you’re moron. we are all sinners. Are you telling me you go to confession each time before you recieve communion???

      6. Old and in the Way says:

        Hank, you don’t have a clue. Should the priest give Holy Communion to a muslim? That would be “No”. This gay lady is NOT a practicing Catholic and therefore, regardless of the event, CANNOT receive Holy Communion.
        Neither can YOU, Hank!!!

      7. norke01 says:

        because the woman is evil enough to commit adultery daily, and she is shameless and unrepentant about it.

      8. norke01 says:

        Pete – get yourself back to CCD! You cannot receive the eucharist in a state of MORTAL sin (which includes sexual sins). If you commit sexual sins daily, then yes, you need daily confession, otherwise once a month should suffice.

      9. chris says:

        The answer is YES. You should go to confession often and you should be clean of sin before you receive the eucharist. If you are not clean of sin, then you participate in all other parts of the Mass but you cannot/should not receive the eucharist.

      10. American Patriot says:

        What do expect from a hate based organization that has been extorting money from widows and raping children for two thousand years? You’re surprised?

      11. Francisco says:

        Pete, are you catholic and still ask that stupid question? I’m catholic and have not exactly been a good boy most of my life but I know the rules. So to answer your stupid question, YES I go to confession before I receive the eucharist, period. I’ve commited enough mortal sins. Honestly, it didn’t happen much (going to mass that is) before I settled down and gave up on my wild and dangerous ways. Even at my worst, the few times I got dragged into a mass I would never take communion becasue I knew I was in state of mortal sin. What so hard to understand for you? Are you too weak to take responsibility for your own actions and love to play the victim? Grow up.

    2. javier says:

      Because Jesus would not do that! and he is the one who must be follow.

      1. Nuke says:

        Would this be the same Jesus that tipped over the moneychangers’ tables in the house of God? What would Jesus do in that situat….wait, never mind.

      2. Francisco says:

        Sure he would, you just haven’t read your bible much. There are more then enough examples in the bible of what Jesus himself said he will do to people who die in a state of mortal sin. If you are Catholic, there is more than enough Church authority plus other holy scriputes to back the bible passages and interpretation. Get over it.

  4. J J says:

    moral of story- both sides ignorant in memorial!
    Why be catholic if you are gay??? You are just self loathing if you are.
    And do we really expect a priest, who has vowed not to have sex (except maybe with small boys) to be anything like a kind, caring, tolerant, empathetic, accomodating, intelligent individual??? hardly!

    1. norke01 says:

      JJ – your disrespect for priests is not doing you any favors…suggest you take that back or you’ll regret it on judgement day.

      1. Bryan Grossman says:

        “suggest you take it back”.. LOL… that is funny!! I didn’t know your god allowed that. I assume that JJ doesn’t believe in this deity so his giving that comment will hardly phase him. As well as the implied threat from this god on your so called Judgment day.

    2. Guest says:

      Why be Catholic if you masturbate? You are just self-loathing if you are.

      1. Dave says:

        True. In fact, an old expression for masturbation was “self abuse”.

  5. Nevaeh Little says:

    hmph another priest who thinks loving who u want is wrong and to do it during her poor mothers funeral that’s unforgivable i hope they discipline the man for what he did


      The priest acted honorably. Although the church believes in forgiveness and redemption you need to ask for forgiveness and acknowledge your sins. This is their belief system. I admire it. (This from a agnostic by the way.)

    2. THE ARBITER says:

      It is not the PRIEST who “thinks loving who u want is wrong”, it is JESUS CHRIST who set the rules for the church. Perhaps you should read them. Romans 1:22-32.
      1Corinthians 6:9,

      1. Guest says:

        Jesus Christ didn’t write Romans or Corinthians.

      2. Max says:

        God the Holy Spirit wrote Romans and Corinthians which means in fact it was written by the Triune God, i.e. God the Father and also the Son as well.

    3. BillyBobx says:

      sexual perversion is against Catholic doctrine. What part of the do you not get?

  6. fred says:

    The pope and his crew live in a guilded city of gold, marble and velvet while innocent children die from hunger and disease.You are not the one who needs to seek forgiveness from God Ms. Johnson, it’s the Catholic church that needs the reaming from the Big Guy.

    1. concerned citizen says:

      Amen brother.

    2. bob_builder says:

      You have serious issues and are wrong. Check FACTS before flaming.

    3. jordan says:

      Actually, if you want to be biblical about it Fred, it’s all of us that need to seek forgiveness from God. That includes you, Ms. Johnson, and the priest.

      1. THE ARBITER says:

        Amen to that!

    4. norke01 says:

      you’re the one headed for a serious reaming fred

  7. mth says:

    There is so much I could say, but I wonder….. what was fr Marcel really afraid of?

  8. Jay says:

    Utterly ridiculous and sad! As a Catholic I find it unbelievable how the church continues to take this stance while priests are abusing boys.

    1. smoot27 says:

      Two wrongs never makes a right. Do you expect the Catholic Church to change its dogma because a few priests committed heinous acts? It’s also funny that the ‘party of tolerance and diversity’ paints an individual group with such a large sterotypical brush when they would cringe at a GOP’er doing the same towards a minority group. Liberals – tolerant to everyone except the Conservatives and the religious.

      1. Chloe says:

        A FEW PRIESTS????????? You got to be kidding me. You cannot be that naieve. The Catholic Church and their man-made dogma is archaic.

    2. smoot27 says:

      You are as much of a Catholic as Nancy Pelosi is. The Catholic Church will not change to accomodate your views so you might as well quit attending just because your parents did.

      1. smoot27 says:

        Chloe – It would help if you learned how to spell before formulating an argument. Yes, the percentage of priests committing these crimes is very small. To argue otherwise is utter ignorance.

  9. Sharon says:

    Wrong is wrong re-godless who it is… Put Father Marcel was right . My hat off to you father. I pray that Jesus keep you strong It is here, Now today when they say, right is wrong and wrong is right.GOD HAVE MARCE .

  10. Working Poor says:

    I’m all for gay rights, and I’m all for gay marriage, but just as I believe that the religious fanatics have no right to prevent gays from being married; I also don’t feel it’s appropriate to use the government to force a religion to change its views.

    My condolences to the woman for her loss, and I think that this priest was a little too extreme and unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be compassionate for a living, but separation of church and state is separation of church and state, you can’t have it both ways.

    1. Brad says:

      You nailed it! I wish more people understood the issues like you do

    2. smoot27 says:

      It’s nice to see a few liberals with a solid grasp on reality.

    3. Catholic Guy says:

      It is sad that she is painted as intentionally hurt by the correct and expected actions of Father Marcel.
      The story in no way says that Father Marcel was mean when he withheld communion with the Catholic church from her for not complying with the doctrine of the Catholic church. So what? she isn’t eligible and the Father says I’m sorry but I can’t give you this. big deal she should have known if as she says she taught sunday school. Next!

    4. Max says:

      If two men can “marry” each other, then so can 3 men, or 15. It also means a man can marry his own son, or daughter, or both. If the meaning of marriage”can be changed to mean something it never has in all of recorded human history, then it can be changed to mean anything at all, and that means that in fact it has no meaning whatsoever.

    5. Jamie Phelps says:

      I’m pretty sure it was mostly the fact that he did in front of everyone at the funeral that upset her the most. That was not the time and place to do that. He needed to speak to her about that in private before the funeral.

      1. Diane says:

        According to what I’ve read on the blogs, Ms. Johnson went up to Fr. Guarnizo before the Mass began, and introduced her “lover” to him. He informed her that she should not present herself for Communion — Ms. Johnson left the sacristy, and her “lover” physically blocked Fr. Guarnizo from following her when he tried to. Then, when Ms. Johnson approached him for Communion, he very quietly covered the Sacrament and whispered to her that he could not give it to her. So quietly that when she stepped aside into the neighboring line for Communion from a layperson, she received it. Fr. G. is prone to migraines, and developed one, so he arranged for another priest to take his place. But Ms. J. milks this situation for far more than it’s worth, and I wonder about her bona fides.

  11. Gabby says:

    How many people that go to church actually follow the laws of the church? I know 3 out of hundreds………… What qualifies you to be discriminated against. You can be a theif, molester, gambler, and comit adultry…….BUT GOD FORBID your Gay…

    1. Sharon says:

      The end is not yet here so we still have time to pray for mercy. Because going to church means nothing if you don’t have the sprite of Christ. Molester, adultery,fornication,. ext. ALL IS SIN Let every man (male) have his own wife (female) ,and let every woman (female) have her own husband (male).

      1. mth says:

        ANOTHER eloquent commentary… the sprite of Christ…

      2. Hank says:

        “Sprite of Christ” ? I’ll have a Dr. Pepper

      3. J says:

        Thank you Sharon!

      4. Brad says:

        If you drink the Sprite of Christ you don’t live forever .. you just have to go get him another Sprite. Sprite should change their motto — Sprite of Christ – OBEY YOUR LORD. lol

      5. JWS says:

        I tried not to laugh at this thread…

      6. norke01 says:


    2. Charlie says:

      I’m sorry but you exhibit a large dissonance here. People who hypocritically go to church without following the laws of the church they attend? Is that your statement? What does hypocrites have to do with a Priest refusing Communion to a sodomite? Moral relativism at it’s most repugnant. I bet you vote also.


    3. HongKongCharlie says:

      Gabby it appears you are missing the point here. By your own admission the fallen are indeed going to church. We call this hypocritical behavior. The does not know of this. Life goes on. These people are damning themselves. This gal is damming herself but expects the Church to be okay with it. Maybe had the priest not know of her behavior she would have been allowed to self damn, as it were.


    4. Troy says:

      My church follows strictly. I know, I committed adultery, confessed it and I am now working back through repentance, forgiveness, and trust not only with God, but with and at my church. My sin has me in the same situation as this woman, and I deserve it.

      I will never commit that sin again. It horrifies me that I did and I heartily wish I could undo the damage my sin created.

      Everyone is not a hypocrite.

  12. Me says:

    It was her mothers funeral. She was there b/c of her mother. I was raised catholic & it absolutely amazes me how week after week all you seem to hear are the notorious actions from priests, but yet so many people of the catholic religion feel they’re so much better then everyone else. Who are they to judge and put people down for who they are? How can you possibly be living by gods word & being so mean at the same time? I can only shake my head at the ignorance & fear with in the catholic religion.

    1. Bel Air Girl says:

      “…so many people of the catholic religion feel they’re so much better then (sic) everyone else.” ?? Talk about making a generalized, blanket statement regarding a group of people! If you said that about a different group of people (other than Catholics) you’d be verbally attacked & labeled as a biggot or a racist! But because your inflammatory statement was regarding Catholics, it is TOTALLY acceptable to BASH THEM. Your comment was hurtful…and typical.

      1. Ronnie Van Zant says:

        Right on, Bel Air Girl. That’s liberal logic for you. Hypocrites!

    2. norke01 says:

      Then she should have respected her mother by obeying Church law and abstaining from communion. She is the one who dis-honored her mother, not the priest.

  13. Leslie says:

    Let me get this straight. After my being a Catholic my entire life and watching known (as in known to the priest) sinners of all stripes being given communion – the divorced, liars, abortion receivers, former felons, and on and on – they decide to zero in on one “sin” and deny communion to them? What about the rest of the real sinners- why are they still given communion?! Sick!

    1. norke01 says:

      how do you know what this priest’s track record is, fool? be silent until you do.

    2. catie says:

      Leslie, according to the story he asked her if she was going to leave her sinful life and she refused. Divorced, liars, and post abortion women may have asked for forgiveness before receiving, you dont know. Catholicism is very clear if you have a conflict with it 2,000 Christian denominations are formed every week. Pick one that floats your boat

  14. Leslie says:

    Also, that priest is a LIAR. He claimed he had fallen ill and could not preside over the burial. That’s bs. He should be let go, if not HE should be unable to give or receive communion on the basis that he is a sinner – a LIAR!

    1. THE ARBITER says:

      just like you?

    2. Jme says:

      How do you know he lied? Secondly ANY MORTAL (Serious) sin the priest would be aware of and know that they have not confessed it would be a reason not to give out the BODY AND BLOOD OUR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR (The Eucharist) anyone—no matter what. The woman needs to educate her self more on her Catholic Faith and she would realize she is hurting the GOD by trying to recieve in a state of Mortal sin. Thank you Father for watching out for HER soul and not letting her commit another Mortal sin. (The Eucharist). The woman needs our prayers for her eyes to be opened TRUTH and for her to repent.

    3. catie says:

      Wow Leslie, you sound angry, sounds like you need to work on your own issues

    4. Alexius Comnenus says:

      You must be a lebsian/gay advocate. Good for you. Your words speaks God’s mind!

  15. Ratz says:

    This was a funeral for her mother. Since her daughter was gay, then so be it. that has nothing to do with her burying her mother. time for a new priest in that parish. I was born and raised catholic. After 50 years if me being on this earth, it is no longer a religion to belong to.

    1. norke01 says:

      if that’s all you know after 50 year being a “catholic”, I feel bad for you.

  16. Deb says:

    I guess we just make things up as we go along, like everything else that is happening in the world.

    1. norke01 says:

      no, the Catholic church has not changed in 2000 years…the rest of the world makes it up as they go along.

      1. Bryan Grossman says:

        LOL this comment made me laugh!!! You obviously have no clue about the history of your own church. Of course it has change over the 2000 years it has existed…. you are a fool to think it hasn’t..

  17. Deb says:

    CHANGE, yeah it’s happening a bit too fast. The priest should have given her communion, I agree. It is her that has to answer, along with everyone else in the world. Doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you know the history of the religion. Maybe they will start an LGBT religion.

  18. whatnow says:

    if it is against his religion, then he was in the right. No where in the article is he accused of being a pedophile so that is not a valid counterpoint. I have a friend who was divorced, not annulled, and she cannot receive communiun. It is the catholic doctrine. If you don’t like it, move on. The whole church should not have to change for one women. To me, she disrespects her mother’s wishes by taking this to the press.

  19. Nicole says:

    If someone has an obvious sin in their life, then why should they be allowed to take communion? My pastor at church makes sure he stresses to us before we take communion that you need to be sure to be saved and confess your sins to God first. It is not something to be taken lightly. That’s like allowing someone who is drunk or high at the time take communion. I’m not saying that we don’t all sin at times….no one is perfect. But, that is a very sacred moment and if the priest decided not to allow her to take it, I believe he was correct. And, just because some catholic priests were pedophiles, that doesn’t mean they all are. Come on! Everyone always says the same thing. That’s just like the preachers on TV who have been in the spotlight in the past for doing so many wrong things. Does that mean they are all that way? NO! I understand that the catholic religion has covered things up and it’s understandable to be upset about it but why act like every priest is the same way? I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did become ill after the funeral at the church. Has no one else ever gotten ill in an instant? I know I have. It just happened to my daughter this morning. She was fine and then she ran upstairs to vomit.

  20. Mary says:

    This was not a same sex marriage ceremony which the Catholic Church is against but for crying out loud, this woman is catholic and she wanted to receive communion and give her mom a dignified funeral…….this priest should be fired. I am catholic and I can see why I have lost interest in the Catholic religion. I can see the church not honoring same sex ceremonies but this action by the priest has gone too far.

    1. norke01 says:

      you’re obviously not a practicing Catholic if you don’t know that receiving communion in a state of mortal sin is itself another mortal sin…the priest was helping her avoid sinking deeper into sin. And fyi, priests don’t get “fired” – they are priests for life.

  21. #&*)? says:

    With the passage of the new bill we should have seen this coming.The funeral was the wrong place for this woman to push her agenda.

    1. D King says:

      Push her agenda? She was attending her mother’s funeral and participating in the the customary Catholic rituals. The fact that she is gay had absolutely nothing to do with anything until the priest made it an issue by pushing HIS agenda. I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

      1. Patriot001 says:

        You are clueless pal. She is living clearly in a scandalous situation. The priest has an obligation to refuse her Communion…not accommodate her perversion…based on your personal feelings. No wonder we’re falling apart as a culture.

      2. norke01 says:

        HIS “agenda” is following church law!!

      3. D King says:

        You’re right Patriot, I admit I don’t have a clue. I left the catholic church at a young age and I don’t really remember the dogma involved with being catholic. My original comment was from a totally different point of view. After reading many of these comments, I’m reminded of what it means to be catholic and why I left that church.

    2. Darnel says:

      The next step this priest needs to take is to have a come to Jesus meeting with his flock and require that those good Catholics that voted for the Abortionist in chief Obama,admit doing so and then confess that sin!!! This has been done in a number of southern Catholic Parishes!

  22. Swannie says:

    Taking communion is at any time a matter of personal choice. If you are “in sin” and take communion you take that up with YOUR OWN PRIEST IN CONFESSION . This priest was in error of his own laws of his own church and is guilty of abuse . I would sue .

    1. JS says:

      Swannie you are very ignorant and obviously have no idea how the Catholic Church works. The priest did exactly what Church rules say, and your sue happy attitude is why this country is running down the tubes! Next time do some research before you open your dimwitted mouth!

    2. norke01 says:

      if the priest KNOWS you are “in sin”, he is OBLIGED to deny you communion, to help you avoid compounding that sin with another sin of sacrilege! Get educated!!

  23. blame riot says:

    So the mother is denied a proper church burial because the priest can’t deal with the fact that her daughter is gay. He picked a fine time to bail out on the mother (as if refusing to continue partiipating in her funeral was his decision to make in the first place).

    There are undoubtedly millions of mourners of Catholics who are not without sin, yet most priests presiding over funerals don’t snoop around to find out what their “sins” are and then go run and hide when they can’t deal with them.

  24. cms827 says:

    I am so done with the catholic church, they are nothng but money hungry thieves, I think Owemally is their leader in disguise. Forgiveness is all I heard growing up in the Catholic Church, this woman I am sure gave her envelope every week and they gladly took it and then can deny her communion, I am sure if she waived 1000.00 at them they would have given it to her.

    1. norke01 says:

      …and you won’t be missed, fool.

  25. just sayin' says:

    She knew that the church doesn’t approve of her chosen path. Why must gays always make an issue if everyone doesn’t approve. What happened is what should have happened, and what, predictably, one could have projected. Go be a gay Buddhist.

  26. simply true says:

    The priest is correct, but he handled it COMPLETELY irresponsibly and disrespectfully. His (and the Church’s) feelings towards gays are probably even more pronounced, given the current legislation BS that the country’s worst Governor is passing in our state….please just call it “civil union”, not “marriage”…and everyone gets what they want!

  27. Seriously? says:

    Looks like the Catholic Church is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. On the one hand, the gripe is that the Church has ‘turned a blind eye’ to to the sins of it’s members and leaders and on the other hand, the gripe is that the Church doesn’t make special allowances for its members and leaders who are knowingly living in sin. Seems like the priests who are standing up for what is righteous in the eyes of God should be applauded rather than scorned, but such are the ways of man. Pity…

  28. Mesforlife says:

    Straight out of Scripture: ” Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. ” 1 Corinth 11:27. The priest did him a great favor.

  29. JML5104 says:

    Let me understand this being gay is a sin in the catholic church yet pedophilia runs rampant in that same religious denomination and most of the time said pedophila is against young boys… so doesn’t that make the priests that they cover up for gay? Being gay is not a sin, but molesting children is.

  30. Victor says:

    I am a Catholic and a Euchristic minsiter. I was tahught that the eucharist is Jesus and no human, ordained or not can refuse to share HIM for any reason. This priest should be ashamed of himself!

    1. dave martin says:

      you are an IDIOT… must clean of sin to recieve the eucharist…it is not communion as in prostestant churches….so glad you are not my eucharistic minister

    2. Acolyte says:

      Victor – you have it wrong. Whoever taught you that or wherever you learned it – the information is wrong.

      The priest was clearly in the right and deserves our thanks for putting his faith in God above the wants or demands of anyone else.

    3. catie says:

      Victor, you need to find another Catholic Church because you have been mislead

    4. norke01 says:

      wow Victor, you are so wrong! Jesus is not going to enter into a human who is stained with mortal sin…even if the priest was fool enough to share HIM!! Taking communion in a state of mortal sin is sacrilege…study your catechism Mr. Eucharistic minister!

  31. D says:

    It’s very simple. Priest acts inappropriately at my mothers funeral, I cancel the check paying for his services as soon as I get home from the gravesite. I’m not paying you for commentary on my life, I’m paying you to provide a service to my mother. Everything else is irrelevant.

    1. catie says:

      You realize he doesnt pocket the money, right?

  32. Jonah says:

    Next up Kosher Delicatessen refuse to serve gentile BLT.

  33. Jim says:

    Judging from the open bigotry against the church here, I’d suggest that few of you have any more interest in fairness than did this priest. Heal yourself, then talk.

    The priest is properly admonished for the treatment of this woman by his own superiors, which certainly should have been resolved privately before the funeral service. It is the proper role of any church to enforce the doctrine of that faith.

    Mind you, I’m an atheist and have no iron in this fire, but greater tolerance is advisable and proper for both sides.

  34. Fudpucker says:

    I live in Texas but am thinking of commuting to that Parish. We need more old school, say the mass in latin, go to confession before you receive churches.

    1. he he he says:

      Floog the bishop?
      Molest the altar boy?

      1. catie says:

        hehehe, shut up

  35. Aquinas says:

    God Bless you for standing up for the Truth Father Marcel.

    To those non-Catholics in this forum: The Eucharist is the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. Those who are not in the state sanctifying grace (that is, those who are in the state of mortal sin such as those who are openly gay) commit the gravest of sins when they receive Holy Eucharist without first confessing their sin, repenting and maintaining a firm intent not to sin again.
    THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. And it is the OBLIGATION of Catholic Priests (or anyone administering this sacrament) to withhold this holiest of sacraments from someone they know is about to commit such a grave sin.

    A priest is the shepherd of the faithful, entrusted with their care to ensure they get to heaven. Priests themselves would sin grievously if they knowingly helped someone receive the sacrament while they are in this grave state of sin.
    As such, Father Marcel performed a great service for this woman, preventing her from committing an even more grievous sin than her gay lifestyle had already mired her in.

  36. Art says:

    leaving and not completing the funeral was probably wrong as a priest should council with her on her morality as far as being gay but for her to come forward to receive Communion was her choice and had nothing to do with the funeral except with the Mass. Receiving Jesus in the Blessed sacrament is personal and there are strict guidelines as to who may receive communion. You should receive communion as often as you can as well as attend Mass as often as possible, not just for convenience

  37. Watchman says:

    Cafeteria-style Catholicism at work! Let us all know how much it costs when you get to the checkout.

  38. Maggie says:

    I just don’t understand people. The Bible is the word of GOD and in it he says “a man shall lie down with no man”. God hates gay people, He forbid it. He thinks it is disgusting. Why do so many not realize this? God created man then WOMAN not man and man or woman and woman. Why???? Because that is the way it was supposed to be fron the beginning of time. Did God not destroy all of the evil during the flood? Was there not one of each sex of animal on the arc??? Come on people…stop being so stupid, ignorant and selfish!

    1. Rupert Pupkin says:

      agree with all except the part about God hating gay people. God hates sin and he thinks that ALL sin is disgusting.

    2. whattim says:

      the bible is a nice set of stories, but it is fiction. God does not hate gays. Maggie, you may want to pull your head out of your bottom.

  39. Jon says:

    Sue!!! Are you that big of a dolt??? You can’t sue a priest for not giving communion to a person in ill standing…she is an unrepentant sinner under God and the churches view and has no standing to take communion…the priest would be in the wrong to give her communion while knowing her situation. Get real, if you don’t believe what the church teaches don’t go, being born Catholic doesn’t make you eligible to do whatever you want and still be in good standing.

  40. George says:

    Baptist and stand completely by this decision. If you spit in the face of almighty God… you will not be welcome company anywhere I go.

  41. bone to pick? says:

    who knows, maybe the priest’s softball team lost her and her squad, “The Drew Carey’s” hahahah

  42. Sheepleherder says:

    Hilarious how many “Christians” don’t even understand their own Messiahs teachings! You are no better than cultist practicing any old sort of self-created dogma you choose to dream up and claim they are “Words from God”.

  43. Warren says:

    Look, quit telling the Catholic Church how they can run their own religion. If you want to make an offshoot of Catholicism where you customize it to whatever your liking is, then by all means. But don’t expect the Church to just break down and let anything go in a moral-less free-for-all. Because then, really, what’s the point?

  44. Joe says:

    Amazed at all the so called “catholics” here who have no clue about the religion they claim they know and practice. See if I can make this easy to understand from a Catholics perspective. Gay, not a sin. Gay acts, sinful. Holy Communion, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. A person in the state of mortal sin, not worthy to receive our Lord. Jesus loves the sinner but NOT the sin. Get it?

  45. GSR says:

    Priest should read the bible. There’s no law against women being gay, only men.

    1. norke01 says:

      are you serious? fyi, the catholic church has this thing called Tradition and the Catechism, which in a nutshell states any sex outside the marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN is adultery, it is a mortal sin, and it disqualifies you from receiving Holy communion.

  46. Phil N says:

    I am not a Catholic, but in this country each religion has the right to its own beliefs. They are certainly within their rites to deny any person the rites of their church. If one disagrees with that theology they have the right not to be a Catholic. They have no right to demand the religion change to suit them.

  47. TRay says:

    “A lifelong Catholic and former Catholic school teacher, she says she hadn’t even considered that her sexual orientation would be a problem .” Apparently the church hasn’t been doing a very good job of teaching it’s beliefs. Oh, come to think of it, she was one of the teachers.

  48. latfesbians says:

    Good for the priest! And I’m Protestant!!

  49. Jake says:

    Good for him. The Catholic Church isn’t a “club” and it isn’t a “democracy.” I imagine he would have gladly blessed the woman. However, receiving the sacrament is something entirely different. The Church may bestow that upon whom it chooses. Neither the government nor even the members of the Church can force it to do otherwise.

  50. greycoat says:

    The women is living in sin. She is living a wicked lifestyle. The Catholic church should excommunicate her and they must if they follow scripture. Bible states:

    1CO 5:9 Sexual Immorality Must Be Judged

    I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral persons– 10 not at all meaning the immoral of this world, or the greedy and robbers, or idolaters, since you would then need to go out of the world. 11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother or sister who is sexually immoral or greedy, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or robber. Do not even eat with such a one. 12 For what have I to do with judging those outside? Is it not those who are inside that you are to judge? 13 God will judge those outside. “Drive out the wicked person from among you.”

  51. whattim says:

    Talk about calling the Kettle, black. How about all of the gay priests who molest kids and sleep with each other? This is a typical Catholic story, do as I say, not as I do.

    1. norke01 says:

      so, so ignorant on so many levels…where do I start? forget it, just read my earlier posts.

  52. DanP says:

    If I were her I would go back and find ever monetary gift she ever game the church and demand it back.

    1. Alexius Comnenus says:

      You are speaking non sense! When you give something to a church or to someone esle, without any conditions, you are not entitled to reclaim the gift back.

  53. love not hate says:

    These commenters who claim they know the word of God; are a bunch of hypocrites. Jesus ate with publicans, tax collectors and sinners!!! Wouldn’t Jesus want the person who believes he is Christ’s representative to show love and compassion??? This woman is burying her mother, not having sex with her girlfriend on the altar.

    This priest needs to repent!!! I hope his bishop reassign him to a ministry that would help him learn compassion.

    1. ed says:

      He ate with reformed sinners, not practicing sinners…you really should read before you post again and further embarass yourself.

      1. love not hate says:

        Scripture says “Most” not ALL.

        Where was this priest’s compassion, he didn’t go to the cemetery, a funeral should help those grieving, not distress them more.

        The matter of receiving communion SHOULD have been handled privately, as in the archdioceses statment.

    2. greycoat says:

      @love not hate

      I don’t have to “claim” to know it. I quoted it to you and still you are so blinded and deceived not to understand. You have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear. Jesus would never condone sin. He would not turn a blind eye. He’d tell her to go and sin NO more…not go and sin more. You’re ideal of love is corrupted. Your’ ‘love” will make her twice the daughter of hell that you already are, i.e. a son or daughter of hell.. Romans 1:32 applies to you (see below):

      So I won’t “claim” God’s word, I’ll just repeat it verbatim:

      1CO 5:9 Sexual Immorality Must Be Judged
      I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral persons– 10 not at all meaning the immoral of this world, or the greedy and robbers, or idolaters, since you would then need to go out of the world. 11 But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother or sister who is sexually immoral or greedy, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or robber. Do not even eat with such a one. 12 For what have I to do with judging those outside? Is it not those who are inside that you are to judge? 13 God will judge those outside. “Drive out the wicked person from among you.”


      RO 1:26 For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error.

      RO 1:28 And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done. 29 They were filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, craftiness, they are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, rebellious toward parents, 31 foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32 They know God’s decree, that those who practice such things deserve to die–yet they not only do them but even applaud others who practice them.

      1. love not hate says:

        I would have much prefered the priest to have treated this woman like he would treat Jesus, give her comfort when she is mourning.

        Matthew 25:34-46
        Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: 35for I was hungry, and ye gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; 36naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me. 37Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, and fed thee? or athirst, and gave thee drink? 38And when saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? 39And when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? 40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me.

        41Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels: 42for I was hungry, and ye did not give me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink; 43I was a stranger, and ye took me not in; naked, and ye clothed me not; sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. 44Then shall they also answer, saying, Lord, when saw we thee hungry, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? 45Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not unto one of these least, ye did it not unto me. 46And these shall go away into eternal punishment: but the righteous into eternal life.

      2. KITTY MORE MORE says:

        wow, whats it say happens to priests who molest little boys and have sword fights with bishops???

  54. Tom says:

    Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. Nuff said

  55. lou says:

    There are rules in the RC Church. If you want to deviate then join the a Protestant Utilitarian Church etc. The Catholic Church is against Abortion (murder of an infant) and many other ills. this is the Dogma and it should never change!!
    Lord have Mercy!

  56. jvmv says:

    Good. About time.

  57. William Johnson says:

    And yet Nancy Pelosi is allowed communion? What is wrong with this picture?

  58. bob svancara says:

    Try walking into a mosque as a gay, you will not come out with your head on.

  59. Sodomy says:

    The ignorance of people still scared of death, relying on extended life afterwards to calm you down, is astonishing. The country is going down the tubes because agendas have to be pushed like this garbage. Let gays be gay, they are just sad people who need attention, just like minorities.

  60. james says:

    The priest’s need to do the same to Fairyland’s Governor O’Malley…

  61. Margaret Hill says:

    While do I believe that the priest should have stayed during the eulogy and attended the burial, as a Catholic, I feel he was absolutely correct in refusing her communion. She knew that she could not receive.

    1. Doug says:

      The priest was in charge and thoroughly derailed the service and, as such, has to take responsibility for what happened. He may have followed the rules (and his conscience), but he failed to show compassion to the family with his actions. There was a better way to handle the situation than the choices he made. It’s totally inappropriate to blame the victim.

      1. Seriously? says:

        Does the ‘victim’ in this case have no responsibility in what happened? Perhaps the priest should have handled the situation differently but we should also understand that there wouldn’t have been a ‘situation’ in the first place had the ‘victim’ made better choices than the ones she made. She should be ashamed for putting that priest in the position she put him in at her own mother’s funeral. It was she who derailed the service. Surely she knew better than to expect to receive Holy Communion given the lifestyle she has chosen to live.

  62. Doug says:

    It’s sad that episodes like this so expose our prejudices and show an (apparent) inability to demonstrate tact, discretion and true empathy.

    The decision on whether to administer communion should have been addressed ahead of time and made clear to the family upfront so as not to distract from the service itself.

    It’s an embarrassment to the church that the Father didn’t conduct himself with more composure during the service, but instead chose to carry out the equivalent of a hissy fit.

    It’s equally appalling to see so many people in this forum so willing to cast aspersions against this woman who lost her mother and was publicly humiliated at the funeral. Just as sad are those who are all too willing to hijack this incident to advance their own selfish purposes.

  63. my thoughts says:

    As a former teacher in a Catholic school, she knew the teachings of the church and their position on sex between same sex couples. Therefor, she choose to be an activist at her own mother’s funeral by requesting communion. The priest observed the teachings of the church, and rather than look the other way, was true to his faith.

    The article does not ask the question as to wether the woman had been attending church, following the religion, had been to confession, and the necessary requirements in order to receive communion.

    Sad that she chose her mothers funeral to make a scene.

  64. BH says:

    Reality check, you don’t have a right to communion. I don’t care how she lives her life but if she wants a religious stamp of approval on her lifestyle choice she had better look elsewhere. I doubt the mosque down the street would be of any assistance.

  65. Loretta says:

    The headline on this story is incorrect, of course. Gay people, who are in a state of grace, a requirement for all who receive the Eucharist, can and do receive the Host. She wasn’t denied BECAUSE she was gay. If the priest knew she was routinely having sex with with her girlfriend and was in a state of mortal sin as evidenced by her lifestyle, the priest certainly could withhold the Eucharist. That’s how it goes for everyone.

  66. Marsing Redneck says:

    “Priest Refused To Give Me Communion Because I’m Gay”

    AS IT SHOULD BE! This is not a hom mos exu al or le sb ian event. It is a Sacred sacrament!! DEAL.

  67. phil says:

    the reporter who wrote this is pretty cute.

  68. catie says:

    Hey I have a solution for everyones gripe about the Catholic Church, find another Church !!!

  69. jw says:

    Why is this worthy of TV news? A religious organization does not have to give a sacrement to anyone who walks in.

  70. unclesmrgol says:

    Finally! Now, if someone would just do the same to Nancy Pelosi, we’d be in far better shape as a Church.

    1 Corinthians 11:27-32

  71. DirtyDave777 says:

    Lets just change almost 2000 years of Religion because some Pervert thinks She’s entitled to Force them to cater to her.
    I’m not a Catholic or even a Christian But I have a Big Problem with this.
    They can’t dream up their own Religion ,Fact is they don’t want to they want to Undermine Something that represents Social Stability.

  72. big chief says:

    Right on either you are a believer or not there is no gray area here.

  73. Kat says:

    The degree of pathetic persecution in these responses makes me ill. God, neither the Father or the Son made these insane rules. Insecure old MEN did. Christian means being Christ-like. The fact that any of you would dare to call yourselves Christians is appalling at best. This is how Christ would treat someone? ANYONE? You all are pathetically disgusting.

  74. Moe says:

    I am going to show up at a Jewish sedar with pulled pork then get all offended when they don’t serve it..then call the press and see if I make the front page of the WP.

    This country is becoming blatently and unapologetically anti-catholic.

    If you are Catholic you better suck up to this reality and get ready. It’s not going to be pretty.

    1. Catholic Guy says:

      @Moe The number of ilegal immigrants moving in from Mexico who are Catholic is quite high. You may see a change in that anti-catholic bias as the scales tip as they already have in California.

  75. tiernanlaw says:

    She lives in open defiance of the Church’s teachings, why would she expect to be given their sacrament?

  76. Michael says:

    For all those who say they are Catholic yet do not understand why the Priest was correct in what he did, may I humbly suggest you research the true teachings of the Church in order to better understand the faith of teh saints and not what many want it to be.
    here is a link to learn the Baltimore Catechism online:

  77. jim says:

    priest abuse children,yet communion is refused a gay

  78. Catholic Guy says:

    WEVMASTER Why does nothing I post appear in the reply to location it is placed in?

  79. Scott says:

    The priest probably left the stage to go molest an 11 year old boy. That seems to be their favorite past time…

  80. Catholic Guy says:

    @webmaster Why does everything I post go to some random location or drop to the bottom instead of going in the section I reply to?

  81. Marty Lund says:

    The only thing the priest did wrong was not making sure the woman was aware that she was disqualified from receiving communion. It’s a grave sin to knowingly receive the Eucharist in such a state, and it is likewise a grave sin to willfully participate in the act by giving communion to someone who can not receive it.

  82. Pro death says:

    Soooo many people scared of death. I just don’t get it. Wish I was scared so I could believe in things that are impossible to exist, like god or Jesus.

  83. The Truth says:

    If she is indeed a lifelong Catholic and Catholic School teacher she should have known not to present herself for communion in the first place. By the way it would have been the same if she was living, and not married to a man. Instead she chose to use her mother’s funeral to attempt to prove a point. Barring a time to counsel her privately the Priest had no choice but to do what he did. As to leaving during the eulogy and then not accompanying the body to the grave, that was probably a mistake on the Priest’s part but it would be interesting to see what the canon law is on this. That being said the Catholic Church, agree or disagree, has the right to enforce its own rules within its own services.

  84. Irishrose says:

    I am thankful that the Catholic Church is standing up for its beliefs. If this lady doesn’t want to live according to the Catholic Church’s teachings, then she should go somewhere else.

  85. Michelle Antoinette says:

    How does nancy Pelosi get communion? Or does she even try to receive it?

  86. Irishrose says:

    The priest stood up for what is right, and according to his conscience.

  87. SpecialEd says:

    The reason why the Catholic Church is so adament against gays is because if gays can’t get married and aren’t allowed to have gay relationships, then they should serve as priests. If gays were allowed to marry, then the church will lose all its priests. And if you don’t believe that, then ask yourself “Why is it always a priest and a little boy, why not a priest and a little girl”?

  88. Mike says:

    No matter what anyone says the “Bible” as we know it was books picked by a bunch of men years ago. If God wants to talk to you or guide you do you REALLY think He needs a middle man? Watch “Stigmata” the movie and then start a true relationship with God. Why does God need money? He doesn’t. All He has ever asked is for humanity to be subservient to Him. NOT to a church or a bunch of old people parading around in different hats and telling you how to live and what to do on what day. God and I have a great relationship…and the ten percent I am “supposed” to give to the church in His name? I give it to the poor that i see every day that the church leaders don’t see as they drive buy in their new Lexus.

  89. Paula says:

    This is seriously so sad. I feel awful that this woman had to experience this at her mother’s funeral. Come on people we are all human and should respect one another. I can see where the church is coming from but have a heart. Could you imagine if we all kicked one another when we are down? I hope the best for her.

  90. CSX says:

    The Bible says examine yourself. If there be any sin in your life, do not participate.
    The Lord, not the church say s it is a sin.
    Case settled.

  91. Tom says:

    Since she is a life long catholic and taught in a catholic school you would think she knew according to catholic teaching is was living in sin. The priest was correct, the lady should have / could have asked before hand or she could have gone to confession.

  92. rick says:

    The catholic church has been attacked in america from the beginning of our nation.It is the LAST ACCEPTED BIGOTRY IN THIS COUNTRY.God forbid we say
    anything aginst Islam or the jewish faith. We CATHOLICS ACKNOWLEGE the sins of the Church,but it has been helping the poor from the beginning and has lasted for 2000 years. ‘ AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT. THERE ARE MANY GOOD CHRISTIANS IN THIS COUNTRY ,BOTH CATHOLIC .& PROTESTANT. THE CHURCH IS THE LAST MORAL COMPASS ON EARTH.Only ignorant or prejudiced people hate the church! IF YOU WERE A GOOD PRACTICING CATHOLIC YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND, OTHERWISE YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT WITHOUT LIVING IN IT. We are better than others, just smarter. do your homework.

  93. tom says:

    Doesnt the priest know that God has changed his mind about sin???
    He has decided same sex relationships are ok now,

  94. Apple says:

    Jesus Christ new Judas Iscariot was going to betray him and Judas new as well, Still Jesus gave him communion. Go figure.

  95. ianski says:

    Hey….I want to be in your club but I’m not real big on your rules. Tell you what,…let me in, let me disobey your rules, or I’m gonna tell on you. Grow up! Maybe your parents tried to raise you Catholic and maybe you go to Mass but until you repent, you are NOT Catholic and as such deserve no right to receive Communion. Sorry about your Dad but go away.

  96. happymatt says:

    Just goes to show what kind of world we’re living in. When a church doesn’t change they’re views to fit secular society, it makes lead stories on newscasts and websites!

  97. Victoria says:

    And yet ALL you indignant liberals on this site say nothing and I mean NOTHING about Islam hanging gays because they are gay and nothing about sewing 12 year old girls vaginas shut or hacking off their genitals to keep them pure. About not allowing women to see doctors in afghanistan because women aren’t allowed to work and so no female doctors and a non related man cannot touch or see them. About Islamic men being allowed by thier so called religion to keep boys and non Islamic women as sex slaves. About their “religion” would rather have school girls be burned alive than let them run out of a burning building without wearing their cloth coffins. Please do link to your posts all up in arms about that…….

  98. Frank Quasimodo says:

    OMG! It’s Pat. I wondered where she/he went! Liberals..what hoard of stupidity. Maybe Pat should form its own religion.

  99. Beth says:

    Jesus said “This is my Body given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” He didn’t day, Unless you’re gay. I guess in the Catholic Church it’s OK for the Priest who’s administering the Eucharistic to be a pedophile who molests Alter boys. We all know if you’re Gay, Jesus will condemn you to hell. Know why Martin Luther left the Catholic Church? The Priest who refused to give this Women communion will have to answer to God for that. Judge ye not, for ye shall be judged.

    1. LOLiberal says:

      Good ad hom attack and way to divert.

      Why should a Priest give Communion to someone who obviously and openly rejects Christ with her gay sin and religion (Buddhist)?

  100. Steve says:

    Reading some of these comments makes me sick, you fricken intolerant religious idiots.
    YEA!!!!! I feel better now. Oh, and don’t tell me I’m going to hell. There is no such place.

    1. LOLiberal says:

      How about people be tolerant of religions and let them practice how they want to INSIDE their own places of worship? There are rules, you can’t say you’re a gay buddhist and then try and receive the body of Jesus Christ.

      I wouldn’t go to a Temple and demand a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

    2. tom says:

      I havent seen to many catholic head choppings lately myself.
      I do find it hilariose that they lady told the priest she was gay and a buhda devote , and expected communion.
      Pretty self serving ignorant behavior.

  101. J Ryd says:

    complicated ! probably should have taken her aside before the service and counseled her. But to be fair the woman should have known what she is doing is considered a sin in the eyes of the church and she should have abstained. Many of the once a year xmas catholics should also be told not to approach the sacrement.

    Now lets see Nancy P get a refusal next time she starts her broom towards the altar rail and I will start giving money to the church again!

  102. Steve says:

    Let’s see….
    The mother was denied a priest at her burial because she had a gay daughter. I think most rationale people would agree that the church doesn’t hold people accountable for other’s ‘sins’. So Marcel is at fault here.

    I ‘d be willing to place a bet that divorced and remarried people weren’t singled out by the good Marcel. So we likely have a case of selective application of Church Doctrine. Again…..a few points against Marcel.

    Oh, yeah and the Archdiocese said he was wrong.

    Doesn’t require much reflection or knowledge of Church doctrine to figure out, irregardless of your stance on gays, that Marcel abused his position. If you dont at least see these other issues, I think you need to reflect abit on why not

  103. Auggie says:

    It’s just the rules. She’s supposed to be Catholic, SHE KNOWS THIS STUFF. If you kill yourself, you’re not getting a funeral mass, and you cannot be buried in a Catholic cemetery, even if you bought the plot. It’s just the rules. I feel for her (well really I don’t), but find another church

  104. Joe says:

    Why even stay in the Catholic church if you’re a carpet muncher? Either develop a taste for molesting young boys or choose another religion.

  105. Apple says:

    Just follow Jesus two commandments, this covers all 10 commandments, even keeping holy the seventh day and you’ll be fine. no need for man made doctrine.

  106. mike says:

    No one is born with GAY tattooed on their head, so she decided to make an issue of something the Bible calls an abomination. Soooo, what did she expect?????

  107. LOLiberal says:

    Diversion tactics. What do the problems with the Catholic Church have to do with what this ONE Priest did? She was open to him about her gay sin and her buddhist religion. Priests should only give Communion to those who are ready to receive Jesus Christ. Why did she want to receive Communion as a gay buddhist? Now gays are forcing their beliefs IN the Church.

    Somehow we knew this was coming.

  108. Patrick Burke says:

    Here’s a different headline:

    “Priest courageously discourages woman from going to hell.”

  109. adub says:

    WOW! You lot are soooo scary!

  110. short set says:

    Get over it already, whats done is done, the funeral is over the deceased is in the ground the family is sorting out the deceased affairs, so you didn’t get communion, move on this is more of matter that should have been brought up with the church leaders and not the news media, all she wants is to have he so called 15 minutes of fame, too bad she is airing her life and the deceased memory out for all to see, and she talks about respect for a family member I bet they would love to hear their name drgged all over the web.

  111. Ted says:

    Steve – what makes the difference no matter what religion you belong to is Love! We will all someday very soon be before our creator and then our life will be simply judged on how much we Loved one another. It won’t matter what religion we belonged to and what religion was better than another. God won’t look at people i that way. As Mother Teresa said so well our lives will be looked at simply by you were hungry and you gave me something to eat and thirsty and you gave me drink naked and you clothed me a stranger and you welcomed me sick and you comforted me in prison and you came to visit me. Just concentrate on being the best Steve you can be by serving your fellow man and you will have nothing to worry about.

  112. hahaha says:

    Wow look at this thing’s picture .First she couldn’t get a man then tried women with no luck I think she made this all up out of frustration

  113. hahaha says:

    Did she make it up out of frustration?

  114. hahaha says:

    Ok your 15 minutes of fame is over move on

  115. Airborne869 says:

    Gaynesss in a choice and a REPROBATE SIN, so the Priest is correct in NOT giving gaynessss Communion with GOD!!!

    Rampant pedophiles have “mill stones” already around their necks and are most likely “un-savable.”

  116. Rational Hypostasis says:

    If this person was a practicing Catholic she would not have the profound misunderstanding that she is entitled to take communion in a state of sin. Also, why does she even want it? Why would she put the priest in this position? She should also be prepared to be denied burial in Catholic ground until she amends her soul.

  117. Max says:

    Christ Himself said His Church would be hated, ridiculed and persecuted for preaching the truth. And of all the sins, and addictions, and perversions that cause someone to become emotionally unhinged and abandon all reason, sexual sins are, as we see, by far the worst.

  118. vic says:

    I think this Priest should be ashamed of himself….he denied this woman’s Mother a proper Catholic Burial based on something he heard right before the funeral?? I have to wonder why this was brought up at all and who informed the Priest of thiis. What does Ms Johnson being gay have to do with her Mother’s funeral and Burial. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Does this priest deny communion to divorced catholics? how about catholic adulterers….I doubt it….

  119. KITTY MORE MORE says:

    F All the Catholics and the Bible Beaters … you guys have all sinned in your lives, the priests rape little boys regularly … I would rather be with a woman then a FAKE pice of garbage which is all that is found within the CONFINES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH … take you Ritz Crackers and Port Wine and STICK UM’ WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!

  120. Steve Wilson says:

    If one were to assume that Jesus actually existed and was, indeed, the Son of God (a real stretch with absolutely no proof or real evidence), then one would have to accept His teachings to love one another (something that Christians don’t believe) and that one does not need a church to worship Him (something that would make deep cuts into a very lucrative business and cause major damage to Republican political plans).

  121. Mary says:

    Norke 1…you think you got it right and you don’t You say it is a mortal sin for a marriage between gays….but she is not married.

  122. Kathy says:

    The whole world has gone mad. I can only imagine how sad God must be :/

  123. just think says:

    The priest was correct. If she doesn’t believe in the teachings of the Catholic church….so be it. Why pretend to care on the day of your mother’s funeral? Instead of focusing on the life of her mom, she made a three-ring circus out of the whole thing.

  124. Michael Osborne says:

    So many hateful comments posted here. Being gay is not a choice. Choosing to hate is. The evils of Christianity will end one day.

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