Winds turning from the east and northeast early Friday to more of a southeasterly direction Friday afternoon, there’ll probably only be a few breaks in the clouds seen. This should limit most temperatures to the 40s across much of the region later Friday, with mostly the mid 50s south of the Mason-Dixon Line (from near or just to the south of Philadelphia on down to Baltimore).

The focus of our attention will be quickly shifting to the south and west late Friday. Winds should begin to turn more toward the south and southwest, which will allow for some milder air to flow northward along the I-95 corridor. However, there should also be an area of rain that will be expanding northeastward pretty quickly Friday evening, so most of the bigger cities should see rain arriving between the hours of 6 and 10 p.m. — and of course, many will be watching for another round of severe weather in a corridor which extends from southern Ohio and northern Kentucky southward into Alabama.

Whatever is left of this convective activity should drift into the mid-Atlantic states very late Friday and Saturday morning, so we’re going to be addressing some thunderstorms around here (but most of them won’t be strong or severe). Temperatures will be RISING OVERNIGHT in most places, and should wind up in either the upper 50s or the lower 60s Saturday just before the next cold front arrives. Rain will probably last into Saturday morning before tapering to a few showers and ending in the afternoon. It’ll be windy and rather mild for early in March, but there’ll be a change to cooler air on Sunday, even despite some sunshine. A trough of low pressure in the upper atmosphere should be digging into the Eastern Region early next week, so the colder progression will continue. Most temperatures on Monday and Tuesday should be limited to the lower and middle 40s, even if there is no less than partial sunshine. High pressure may be the key, dominant feature in the East next week, so this portends an eventual return to mild weather Wednesday, Thursday and next Friday.

 Have a good weekend!!!


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