BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A 5-year-old Baltimore girl is beaten to death. Her father is charged. A community comes together to remember the little girl.

Weijia Jiang has more on the vigil and the latest on the case.

Shamira Bradley is inconsolable after losing her 5-year-old daughter, Mya Carr.

“Let’s just take this time to remember.”

On Saturday night, loved ones gathered at Carr’s Baltimore City school– Ashburton Elementary– to remember the little girl.

“I’m feeling really painful, like I could go home and punch a pillow,” Bryelle Fitzgerald, Carr’s best friend, said.

The sadness is mixed with anger over how she was killed.

Police say Mya Carr’s father– 22-year-old Mathew Carr– became so angry after she soiled herself that he admitted to beating his child repeatedly with his hands. He began to hit her all over her body.

“They found bruising, broken ribs, fractures to the face,” Det. Donnie Moss of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

“She didn’t deserve to die like that,” Susie Hough, Mya Carr’s great-grandmother, said. “If I could see him and have something to kill him with, I’d kill him. I hate to say that but he did that little girl wrong.”

It happened inside Mathew Carr’s house on Callaway Avenue. Family members say Mya Carr stayed there sometimes because it was close to school.

“She was a lovely, lovely little girl,” Zenobia McKinley, Mya Carr’s kindergarten teacher at Ashburton Elementary School, said. “She was soft-spoken, vibrant. She loved to learn. She was very popular in the classroom.”

Several classmates attended the candlelight vigil.

“It’s so hard,” one of Mya Carr’s classmates said.

Too young to be familiar with death yet, they’re handling tragedy with grace by keeping a memory alive.

“Mya, she’s like everything you want to be, like a superhero. I love Mya,” Fitzgerald said.

Mya Carr’s funeral will be held on Tuesday at the March Funeral Home in West Baltimore.

Mathew Carr faces several charges, including first-degree murder.

Comments (20)
  1. dee dee says:

    I hope he gets the max for his crime. It really touches me to hear an innocent childs life got taken so fast. I dont know how it feels and pray i never know how it feel to know someone i layed down with and created the child with could look at our baby and cause any type of physical harm to our child. It just sickens me how could u look at someone and see yourself and want to hurt them and not protect them 😦

    1. sky says:

      i agree 100000% because that was like a sister to me and more than that so like my bsfl(best sis 4 life) and just 2 know that he own dad did this to her i just hope he get the GAS CAGE OF LIFE even though she was not apart of my fam i looked at her as apart of my fam. she is apart of me and he didn’t need to do that to my lor sis, he is a no good dust bag dad he is a monster.he was not subpost to harm her he was subpose to protect her. it just breakmy heart 2 know someones dad will harm them. i will really miss you mya 😦

  2. Terea says:

    yeah and we have to look at father’s in the home, is he a father or a monster We need sane fathers in the home.

  3. Nita says:

    This was just wrong and it hurts to read stories like this. This is why children should not have children. You see a 22 yr old man, I see a stupid child who should be fixed.

    1. GM says:

      You cannot fix a monster like this. If he can kill a little girl, he can kill anyone. Wake up.

  4. MARTHA says:

    How could anybody become so angry at their own child to beat he or she to death? I dnt leave my little girls home with their Father unless i really,really have too ! Everyday the enemy is busy! Now that baby would have never thought or the mother that he would beat that baby to death like that. They need to torcher him , they need to pull off one of his finger nails and toe nails every day ! She’s home with her real Father now! May God give the Mother as well as the rest of Family Peace! I’ve never been through this and My Father in Heaven knows i sure as hell dnt want to ever have too ! BUT ladies at all times we have to protect our kids!

  5. Richard P. says:

    The pain this little girl must have been in before she die must have been horrific. No one will ever know but God.

  6. Jay says:

    This is one reason women need to REALLY know who they have children with, some of You don’t stop and think…

    1. sky says:

      for 1 she didn’t know and if she did she would have done somthing

  7. YMJ says:

    Heart sick and so tired of what people (White, Black,Male and Female) are doing to these preciuos little one’s. As an Early Childhood Educator, I have a hard time imagining what a child could ever do to create such rage. I love the little one’s in my care and would lay down my life to protect them and my own. May Mya Rest Peacefully in the arms of Our Father. Who know’s what she would have endured had she lived another day. God took away her suffering and wrapped her in his protective arm’s. May the family find comfort in him and continue to cherish the day’s spent with Mya.

  8. Carol Zimmerman says:

    wish he had a direct route to hell. But our judicial system will put him in jail for the rest of his life and we will pay to feed and clothe him. Not to mention free health care. He deserves to meet the devil NOW. Not live another 50 plus years while an innocent child lays in her grave because of him.

  9. GM says:

    I believe that God takes the soul of kids who are suffering before they can feel the worst pain and that only the body is left to suffer. The soul rests in His arms.

    1. Laura says:

      I appreciate what you said and I pray you’re right. It is heartbreaking in the truest sense, to envision a child being aware of what is happening as their father kills them. It’s beyond comprehension. Thank you for the optimistic outlook.

  10. nikka says:

    smmfh i hope someone beat him the way he did that little girl all because she wet herself he should be ashame that what kids do when they can amke it… a pop or two or time out is one way to handle the situation or make her go to bed early or no snnack is the second way to handle it as well but beating her like she were a grown man i hope he root in hell for that , i bet he dont fight like that on the street

    1. Melissa says:

      A pop or two?? for having an accident. I’m sorry but that would not be the way to have handled this situation. The chances that this little girl was probably coming down with a bug are good; it has been going around schools for weeks. I have a 5 year old and a 8 year old who have had the virus and didn’t make it too the toilet and guess what my kids were not punished. Cleaned up, given some juice and read a story and reassured that it happens not disciplined.

  11. camo says:

    We can only hope when he gets to prison someone shanks his ass and leaves him somewhere to suffer and die.

  12. BETTY says:

    i just have (e) three words to said kill that SOB

  13. Joe Sorrentino says:

    The problem is that this monster will not be punished for his horrific crime. He needs to be boiled in oil.

  14. William Durham says:

    Keeping track of crimes in Maryland committed against children, sadly I have noticed an increase in deaths amongst children under the age of 16 in Baltimore City alone. Thank God I never brought any children into thie cruel, cruel world and I just turned 50……

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