The southern storm skirted southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore with rain Saturday night and Sunday. Since that storm has now moved out to sea, the path has been opened for the colder air and Clipper storm to move our way from the northwest. We are already seeing scattered rain and snow showers break out across the state. A lot of this will die down overnight, but some will remain as the Clipper gets closer. Then, that Clipper will scoot just to our south Monday keeping scattered rain and snow showers around. Those that don’t see anything falling out of the sky will at least have a lot of clouds around. That all starts to clear out on Tuesday, even though the chill will linger.

After a stretch of incredibly warm weather, we are going to get a dose of chilly air for a few days. We have only managed a high of 48 degrees Sunday, actually below average for the first time in a while. Overnight lows will go below freezing the next couple of nights, while highs do not get out of the 40s. But do not fret, all you warm weather lovers, because another big time warm-up will take over again starting Wednesday. Highs will jump back to near 60 degrees Wednesday, then climb to the upper 60s Thursday.

The next storm will start moving our way Thursday night or Friday. It will start in the form of increasing clouds, then follow with rain and maybe a thunderstorm.

While we got some needed rain this week, you probably have heard about the awful weather ripping apart the Midwest and Ohio Valley. Long track, massive tornadoes have proved deadly for numerous states. It all started on Tuesday, Feb. 28 and then peaked on Friday, March 2. During that stretch, there have been 155 tornado reports and more than 70 confirmed tornadoes. The average number of tornadoes for February is just 33 and jumps to 74 in March. This could turn out to be an entire month’s worth of storms in just a couple day stretch. The worst part is how large and powerful these tornadoes have been. On the Enhanced Fujita scale with ranges from an EF0-EF5 (with an EF5 indicating complete devastation), there have been a few confirmed EF4 tornadoes and many EF3s The death toll has already reached 37 (unofficially), with many searches still underway. Now, snow is coming for a lot of the places trying to pick up the pieces.

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