Police Investigating Death Of 13-Year-Old East Baltimore Girl

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A 13-year-old girl is dead, her East Baltimore family devastated and looking for answers.

Derek Valcourt has emotional reaction from the girl’s family.

It was the young girl’s brother who found her buried under trash in an alley.

The grief-stricken mother is speechless and still in shock, not able to comprehend the murder of her 13-year-old daughter Monae Turnage.

“She left home last night to go roller skating and never returned,” Paulette Marshall, Turnage’s aunt, said.

She says the family became alarmed and feared the worst, even called police at 1 a.m. to report the young girl missing.

“Because she didn’t come home and she’s never did anything like this before and we knew that,” Marshall said. “So, for her not to come home was just out of the ordinary and we called the police last night and told them that we think that she’s missing.”

The family says they were told to wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report.

But the victim’s brother and some friends went out searching for her. Just before 6 p.m. Sunday, they found her in an alley behind the 1600-block of Cliftview Avenue, her body covered with trash.

“She does have some signs of trauma but we are unsure of what she was killed from,” Det. Donny Moses of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

Detectives are going door-to-door questioning neighbors for clues and interviewing the young girl’s friends.

“She didn’t walk out there by herself,” Moses said. “Someone pulled her out there. So if you saw anything suspicious, anything unusual, please give us a call.”

Her family is heartbroken.

“We’ve never had any problems out of her. She was just a really good kid,” Marshall said.

And neighbors are left wondering who could be so cruel.

“That’s a monster. What kind of human being would do something like that to a 13-year-old child,” neighbor John Lopez said. “I can’t even describe the feeling. I have a child myself. I have two kids. And it’s a monster.”

The victim’s body is being taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy so they can determine exactly how she died.

Anyone with information is urged to call Baltimore City homicide detectives.

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  • Jay

    Sorry, so damn sad…

  • Dawn

    this is so sad.i hope they catch S.O.B who did this to her. she was a sweet girl always like to play and pet Missy and Chloe. she didn’t deserve this. My heart and prayers go out to her brother and her family.

    • erykah wall

      am crying and she was so nice i went to skool with her

      • peter o neil

        Learn english & spelling Nig.

  • MarySW

    So at 1AM the family was told to wait 24 hours before filing a missing persons report for a 13 year old with no history of running away. Does that mean that the police did not look for her and it was only the family out searching to find her? I am so sorry for this little girl and her family. My sympathy to the family.

    • Nayski

      Her mother should sue the hell outta BCPD thats not standard procedure for a child, thats for an adult.

    • felipe

      That’s not what the police told her, its what the people believe is correct. No one has to wait 24 hour to report some one missing. If the person don’t make their location at the regular hours is the routine for that person it is enough to call police and follow the report.

      • justamother

        Are you a police officer or what? A friend of mine was told that exactly when she called when her 14 year old son was not home 2 hrs. after his curfew and he has never missed his curfew before. So either you are part of the police or you are in tight with them.

      • Baltihon

        The article says that they called the police and the police told them to wait for 24 hours to report her missing. The police should have sent someone right away. She still could have been alive at 1am. Typical Baltimore. So sad.

  • joann franklin

    sounds wild he came and pick monae in a dump cause he did a low deed yes him

    • t

      whos him i dont understand

  • Rebecca

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and I pray that they catch the person that did thid to your daughter, I a so very sorry.

  • Rebecca

    sorry for the spelling.

  • inmy_opinion

    Why was a thirteen year old going ANY where without an adult chaperone?

    It is very sad that this happened to someone so young but parents, please be parents and watch over your children.

  • deltasweetiepi

    Sadly for these people that feel like the law failed, that is not true. At that age my children were not allowed to go out at night alone, they were dropped off and picked up. I understand we live in another time era, but my grand daughter who is close to that age does not go anywhere with adult supervision. Whoever harmed this young lady was someone she knew or at least they knew the area in which she lived. My heart goes out to the family for nothing we say can lessen the pain they are going through. I hope they catch this person quickly before this animal can harm another child.

    • William Durham

      Oh they caught THEM, and they are TREATING them as JUVENILES

  • ballsohardclub

    I’ll bet it’s some local POS N***R. All kinds of low lifes live in east Bodymore.

  • LSYKES30


    • William Durham

      AMBER ALERTS sadly do not go into affect for CHILDREN of COLOR so it seems.

  • Sharon

    The laws need to be changed IMMEDIATELY regarding waiting 24-hours before filing a missing person’s report. We live in a society where criminals know the law better than some law enforcement officers and the ligislature – so, the realize that they have a window to hurt a child without having the law track their triffling behinds down! We have to start making noises to the *Powers That Be * to create change.

  • lazette

    my son went to school with .i hope the family get all the rite answer they need my prayer go out to the family.

  • William Durham

    Sadly the value of a human’s life is nothing to our goverment. These perps are being tried as JUVENILES, but their actions, where malicious, intentional (they thought like adults” when they decided to take her lifeless body outside and bury it under some trash/debris. They should have immediately “tried”, “processed” as adults. They did ADULT acts.

  • Cynthia

    Omg this is soo sad, i really hope they find whoever did that! My prayers go out to their family.

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