BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two juveniles have been arrested after what police call the accidental shooting of a 13-year-old girl. Now a Baltimore City police officer has been suspended as a result of the investigation into that death.

Derek Valcourt has more on what police are saying about the officer’s involvement.

Sources say the gun used in that shooting was found inside a Baltimore City police officer’s car.

Police say a .22-caliber long rifle killed 13-year-old Monae Turnage Saturday night. Sources say that gun somehow ended up inside the car of an off-duty Baltimore City police officer. That now-suspended officer was dating a relative of one of the juvenile suspects in the case.

The news is outraging the victim’s family and City Councilman Carl Stokes.

“If the allegations are true that this weapon was found inside the officer’s vehicle, it’s stunning. It really is amazing that that’s what happened,” Stokes said.

Saturday night, Turnage and two friends — 12 and 13-year-old boys — were playing with a rifle inside a home in the 1600-block of Darley Avenue when Turnage was accidentally shot in the chest. Police say the boys then tried to hide her body. After the shooting inside the house, the boys apparently moved the victim’s body from the living room through the kitchen, out through the back door and into the alley.

Turnage’s worried mother told WJZ she repeatedly questioned one of the young suspects about her missing daughter.

“I still couldn’t get a straight answer so later on that evening, we were just sitting around and we decided we would go and scout out everywhere,” she said.

That’s when Turnage’s brother found her body in the alley.

Now her family—and Councilman Stokes—want to know why the gun that killed her ended up in a police officer’s car.

“I feel so badly for the family and now to have this piled on top of that, I don’t even know what to say. It’s too stunning really to believe,” Stokes said.

Police say they are consulting with prosecutors as their investigation continues.

William C. March Middle School will be hosting a vigil in Monae Turnage’s honor Wednesday at 4 p.m.

Comments (20)
  1. ME says:

    Oh no. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Increddibly sad!!

  2. tam says: are an idiot. My prayers go out to the family.

  3. Richard P. says:

    Wow, this is just super sad.

  4. deltasweetiepi says:

    This is is heart breaking, but there is more to this story that has yet to come out. Too many gaps and this is not an open and shut case.

  5. deltasweetiepi says:

    Off duty Officer suspended because of what he instructed these two teenagers to do after the shooting. It is also alleged that he is dating a relative of one of these kids…it just goes down hill from here…He does not belong on the force protecting anyone.

  6. Free2speak2 says:

    SO SAD….ANOTHER CHILD KILLED. There is some missing pieces to this puzzles. Sounds like the officer has covered some evidence too.

  7. paula says:

    I am the mother of a child, and I don’t know what I would do if something like this happened to him. There is more to this story than this children are telling. The officer should be taken off the force as soon as possible. I am sure he know alot more too, and he is just covering his butt. My thoughts, and prayers are with the little girls family, and god has a new angel with him.

    1. Michael Spencer says:

      I hope you are a mother of a child, lol Serious folks, this is a heart wrenching story. Everyone in it, looses . A mother lost her daughter, two other children lost their innocence forever and an adult wearing the uniform of a “protector” is somehow involved.
      My prayers go out to the family of Monae. The truth will prevail!!!!

  8. 1uniquemonique says:

    I bet you that gun belongs to the cop. He’s behind the cover up. How can a 12 year old and 13 year old move a body across an alley?

  9. Honest Steve says:

    When you make efforts to “hire within the community” this is what you will get.

    But the departments other hiring pratice of going out of the country didn’t end up to well either. Lead to wire taps and federal indictments.

    Glad we are giving these “people from within” the community 60,000 a year.

    Good luck to the good officers in Baltimore…it’s an up hill battle for you folks.

    1. Khn4048 says:

      Yes, it is, Honest Steve, steep uphill battle for us….

  10. heresgary says:

    what about all the people this officer locked up and testified against?
    should they get a new trial now?

  11. Tragic says:

    No matter how this story play’s out …there is a 13 yr old Girl Dead…it sickens me to hear this story, i have a 12yr old daughter and to have to bury yur child is the worst thing to happen to a Parent….Please dont let yur 12 or 13 yr old daughter out of yur sights…13 yr old boys are deadly ,dangerous because your lured into thinking their to young to hurt yur child ….but thats where yur wrong …a 13yr old boy in this day and age knows much more than when I was 16 yrs old….keep yur children close and dont let them out at nite without Adult supervision or else bad things will happen

  12. fdgsdf says:

    13 year old girl dead, 2 teenage boys who have ruined their lives and an equal opportunity cop who instructed them on how to hide a body with a carrer ended… priceless

  13. jeff adamson says:

    The picture in the video shows a pellet gun…not a 22 caliber long rifle.
    This ISNT a firearm…it is an air rifle

  14. GrimFuture says:

    It’s almost like, everybody wants to be a “Murderer”!!!!! That had to be a crooked cop from the beginning.. RIP Monae..

  15. dwarren says:

    Why was that gun in that police car. How did they know that gun was in the police car. why is the city police always in something.

  16. 1226 says:

    This is not a forum for your racial B…S. This is about 3 young people and the families who life will be changed forever

  17. Suzie says:

    The Baltimore City Police Officer, who they are trying to blame for this, is completely innocent. He is the fiance of the older sister of the little boy who fired the gun. When the boys were looking to hide the gun, they stashed it into his dirty laundry. Later on, he was going to do his laundry and while they were doing investigation, they found it in his car. It’s sad how two 13 year old kids can even think of hiding a body. My condolenses going out to both families. The homicide department needs to do a little more investigation.

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