BALTIMORE (WJZ)—He fought off a home invader. Now a Maryland man has fought off a state gun control law.

Alex DeMetrick reports on the legal victory for carrying a concealed weapon for self-protection.

Buying a handgun in Maryland means paperwork and a background check by state police.

To carry a concealed gun for self-protection takes a special permit, granted to those who have proof their lives may be in danger.

“Mr. Wollard was the victim of a home invasion Christmas Eve — of all times — in 2002,” said Cary Hansel, Raymond Wollard’s lawyer.

The suspect was captured by Raymond Wollard and his son in their Baltimore County farmhouse. He’s now out of jail. 

When Wollard went to re-new his conceal permit, he didn’t get it.

“Despite the fact the criminal lives just miles away. Despite the fact it had taken the police two and a half hours to respond. [It said] that he had failed to show what Maryland State Police call a ‘good and substantial reason’ to carry a firearm,” Hansel said.

A gun rights group joined Wollard’s lawsuit in federal court, challenging Maryland’s law. Wollard won.

“People have a right to keep and bear arms in Maryland,” said Alan Gura, Wollard’s lawyer. “That means they don’t need to prove they deserve to exercise that right. And so Mr. Wollard is entitled to carry a gun for his protection.”

Maryland’s attorney general does plan to appeal the ruling, and will ask for a stay, to keep the current permit process in place.

“We are quite confident we will prevail on appeal,” Gura said.

That lawsuit does not challenge the background checks and other requirements of a common gun permit.

Comments (17)
  1. Rick says:

    Join SAF and support the right to conceal carry!

    1. rdnkkkgrl says:

      rick wats SAF does that have anything to do w/the NRA????

      1. Breton Adams says:

        Not a whiole lot. In fact, some say that the NRA/ILA impeads the work done in the courts by groups like SAF. I send money to both. The NRA works in legislatures, and the SAF denfends us in court. Up to and including the Supreme Court. Alan Gura is one of the most incredible and succseful lawers in the 21st century. Of course, when you are on the side of truth and freedom, your arguments are made for you…. As opposed to the AG’s nebulous ‘public safety’ argument…..

  2. squaregrouper says:

    Thank you WJZ for providing unbiased NEWS coverage.on this topic. WJZ stated the facts and did not allow personal opinions to distract them from the facts related to this case. Most Maryland media outlets have posted very biased, anti-gun articles on this subject.
    This case is about law abiding citizens exercising their right to defend themselves and their families.

  3. No1uKnow says:

    EXCELLENT REPORTING! Thank you very much WJZ for the coverage. Other media outlets in Maryland are reporting very misleading “stories” about this case and decision. Concerned Maryland citizens should consider joining MSI and SAF so we can insure that law abiding citizens can exercise their right to carry.

  4. Sean C says:

    It’s absolutely amazing the lengths that the state if Maryland takes to deny Constitutional rights and the “Equal Protection Clause” under the 14th Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is all-encompassing and guarantees an American citizen’s right to “Keep and Bear Arms.” This state not only allowed violation of the 1st Amendment by pressing charges against persons seen filming police officers out in the open doing their duty, but it also allowed violation of the 4th Amendment’s protection against illegal searches and seizures with the Baltimore PD’s seizing and delating pictures of a man’s cell phone camera during that infamous Preakness arrest of the drunken woman. Now, the Attorney General wants to continue it’s assault of the 2nd Amendment with a needless appeal. Face it state of Maryland: criminals own this state and only they are the one’s carrying guns to menace all of us unarmed non-criminal citizens. All states to our south and Pennsylvania to our north have “shall issue” concealed carry laws with none of the “Old West” chaos and violence wrongly predicted would occur. In fact, places that have easy concealed carry laws have less crime such as robberies of persons and carjackings. Maryland is really a Communist dictatorship of a state just like California (Commie Fornia).

    1. rdnkkkgrl says:

      lol no not california more like russia guess thats because of our stupid freakin president

  5. Sean C says:

    One more thing: I’ve noticed that gay marriage permitting states tend to be the most anti-gun and have the most lenient treatment of criminals as well as fewer White People. Is there a connection?

  6. fdgsdf says:

    vote democrat sheep of MD we will protect you

    1. rdnkkkgrl says:

      lol no offense but my smith n wesson or rugar redhawk will be protecting me its not just demacrat its SOUTHERN DEMACRAT

  7. tomtom says:

    i am from and live in maryland. however i spend my winters in florida and while here i applied for and received a right to carry a concealed weapon which is legal in all but three states. one of them maryland. the wimps we have running the state are more concerned with same sex marriage and other minority related topics. but when it comes to protecting ones self and their families from the rabble running wild in maryland FORGET IT!

  8. stringer bell says:

    Why do I have a feeling the odds of getting shot by some suburbanite soccer mom just increased? But as long as you’re white or don’t hit her SUV in the parking lot, you should be ok.

  9. bananafish6726 says:

    It is every American citizen’s right to carry a handgun in self defense. Nowhere in the Constitution does it suggest that the State has the right to make them play 20 questions, or provide any further explanation, or reason. As for the appeal, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is one of the most conservative in the nation. I seriously doubt if they will even hear the appeal.

  10. rdnkkkgrl says:

    the bottom line is this “when guns are out lawed only outlaws will have guns” there messing w/ the constitution again they act like guns are soo terrible it aint the freakin guns pulling there own trigger its the freakin stupid idiots that pull the trigger try giving them the death penalty or sticking them in jail or better yet hang em from an old oak tree and fill em w/buck shot. Marylands going to hell in a hand basket normal responsible people dont mind all the questions and back ground checks we aint got nothing to hide only the criminals are worried about that and hell they buy theres off the street corner. Maryland is a freakin joke 1st the gay marriages now the gun laws lord we need to worry more about the police depts than the criminals @ Stringer bell it aint about beeing white or black or whatever as for the soccer moms hey guess theres a lil redneck in just about everyone!!!

  11. Ernie says:

    What a poorly written story. How could you leave out an important detail like this ruling came from a Federal court?

    With a Federal court ruling saying that Maryland’s gun laws are unconstitutional will hopefully get us one step closer to being able to exercise our right to carry.

    But on a positive note WJZ did point out that when seconds count the police are only two and a half hours away.

  12. Cabana Lolita says:

    That is great information, I’m glad you posted.

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