ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — New fallout in the sex scandal involving Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold. Another no-confidence vote was affirmed from county police amid concerns over whether he can withstand this indictment. The no-confidence vote was 100 percent unanimous. Police officials say it’s the first time in their 42-year history that they’ve made a statement like this.

Mike Hellgren stays on the story with new insight into this high-profile case.

Anne Arundel County executive John Leopold faces another no confidence vote — this time from rank-and-file police officers.

The state prosecutor claims Leopold used his security detail for demeaning personal tasks, including driving him to secret sexual encounters.

“The state prosecutor saw it as an opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of other politicians who might be tempted to misuse state employees in similar ways,” said Andrew Levy, legal analyst.

Levy believes attacks on the state prosecutor’s team — the same office who brought down former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon — are unfounded here.

“You don’t have to go back very far before you find Democrats who were the target of the office as well as Republicans,” said Levy.

And the allegations go beyond sex. Susan Wichmann heads the watchdog group Common Cause.

“We are concerned about the allegations, of the political activity that he had county employees engage in on county dollars,” Wichmann said.

That includes accusations county employees were forced to place campaign signs, collect and cash donations, and keep files on political enemies.

“Unfortunately the cases of some people who abuse the system help to ruin it for everybody,” Wichmann said.

Leopold denies wrongdoing and vows to fight the allegations and stay in office despite their emotional drain.

“I don’t think anyone is humanly capable of not letting that weigh on them,” Levy said.

According to court records, the trial is scheduled for mid-June. Leopold will be arraigned March 26.

Comments (12)
  1. gorillaman says:

    Force his resignation or pass a law that insists resignation until proven innocent. He’s effin guilty the skin head prick.

    1. short stack says:

      yes but he will hide behind that constitutional amendment of innocent till proven guilty

  2. steve says:

    A lot of people that work in the public sector dont like leopld, because of the many cuts he has made to wasteful spending. for example mots county workers cant bring there county cars and work vans home anymore. they art mad at the fact that they have to use there own car and gas just like the rest of us. Has anyone from the private sector had anything bad to say about him? probley not, we are to busy WORKING and trying to pay our taxes!

    1. outkast says:

      Only a fool wants to pay taxes !

  3. hahaha says:

    So what did the officers involved put down as the purpose of there overtime? Seems that needs to be looked into

    1. short stack says:

      working a sex crimes detail

  4. Sharon1234 says:

    Leopold’s indictment is a witch hunt!!! Remember what goes around comes around. That never fails. I, a regestered democrat, voted for Mr Leopold & have never regretted it.

    1. short stack says:

      sharon you probably gave him a nob job in a parking lot too and never regreted that either

  5. Unfair Witch Hunt! says:

    Who cares? This is a joke. I voted for Leopold and I would do so again!

    1. short stack says:

      another non regretting nob jobber

  6. The mechanic says:

    I know a woman who has seen Leopold’s joy stick, she said , “Never ever call him a big prick”.

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