I would love to tell you that I am surprised by the bounty system used by the Saints. What would surprise me is, at the end of the day, if Gregg Williams is discovered to be the only one employing it.

It kind of comes with the territory, that if you knock the other teams’ best players out, you have a better chance of winning. Football is a brutal game. Just as the fans like when Big Ben, or Brady or Manning can’t play in a game, so do the other players. They don’t want the other guy to leave in an ambulance, but if they don’t play anymore because of bruised ribs or a headache, that’s okay. I do think there should be major penalties, if for no other reason, than they were told to stop by the NFL after the 2010 season, and didn’t.

If someone told me that Rex Ryan was giving out a grand to his Ravens players when he was here for a wicked hit, I wouldn’t be shocked, would you?


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