FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says the bomb squad was called and an area outside the county courthouse was cleared after a coconut was found near the building.

The New-Post of Frederick reports that a courthouse deputy doing a check of the area found the coconut shortly before 8 a.m. Wednesday. Deputies say the coconut looked as if it had been sliced down the center and put back together.

The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s bomb squad was called, and police and fire personnel evacuated an inside office and cleared
the area outside for about 20 minutes.

The fruit was determined not to be dangerous. The incident is under investigation.

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  1. Sheeple says:

    Time for the local government to bring in D.H.S and convine a security review of all coconuts sold in the metropolitan area. All coconuts should be died “safety orange” . Any persons caught with a non safety orange colored coconut shall be deemed armed and dangerous. Governor O’malley will institute a coconut tax to cover the new safety standards that will be used to keep the citizens safe.

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