Is it just me or does this recent revelation regarding ” bounties ” smell just a bit like the steroid issue in baseball? Seems like it’s something that has been widely known for decades yet the NFL office is acting like they discovered uranium.

I’d hate to be in the shoes of anyone from the New Orleans Saints organization right now because if history teaches us anything it’s that life is grossly unfair. Gregg Williams is neither the first nor the only coach to engage in this practice. He’s just the one who will probably be made an example of because he’s the one who’s been singled out. Penalties ranging from fines to suspension to lifetime banishment from football have been discussed. While I am in way condoning the payment of players to hurt other players intentionally, stuff like this has been part of a very rough sport for ages.

Many have profited greatly from the spectacular hits that fans love so much and it has made football our national obsession. Be honest, it’s not the passing or the running it’s the bone crunching violence of football that entices us to live our lives through these men. Now that this whole bounty issue has come to light everyone from the commissioner on down wants to feign ignorance and apparently punish one of the 32 teams in the league.

Fighting is still a big part of the NHL, and payback pitches in baseball are as much a tradition in America as turkey on Thanksgiving. Let us not take this one ugly issue in one sport and pretend this has been unknown and unacceptable now that it is

Look, just like we all knew that steroids played a part in the long ball mania in MLB years ago we all know that this stuff goes on in football. All I ask is that we correct it without over reacting. No life time bans, no government intervention, no drama please. Just bring the owners in and tell them what time it is and let’s move on. Everybody knew.


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