The New Orleans Saints are having a rough week. Their Quarterback is “livid” over not having a deal done, they couldn’t franchise either Colston or Nicks because they didn’t get the Brees deal done, and on top of that they are in trouble with the league for setting bounties on players.

The Saints are facing possible fines, suspensions and may even lose draft picks. I agree they should be punished for this information getting leaked, but I don’t think they should lose draft picks. I actually don’t believe its as bad as people are making it out to be. I don’t believe Saints players, were hitting guys late or intentionally cheap-shotting players to knock them out of games. In my opinion players are always trying to gain and advantage or target areas that are injured. Many players have stepped up and said when the injury report comes out, they look to target areas of players that show up on the report.

I really don’t believe players will become dirty players for a 2,000 dollar incentive. A report has come out on the Saints defense, and according to the list only 5 players have been knocked out of games over the past 3 years. Unlike some people, I do believe this has to be corrected by the league, but only because of how it sounds to the public. You can’t have players and coaches saying they put up money to knock players out. I believe that happens a lot behind the scenes, but if the league is trying to correct all of the concussions and other injuries, then this is another black eye.

I believe fines and suspensions are the perfect way to do this.  I also believe the NFL is going to make Gregg Williams fall on the proverbial sword for the betterment of the league. Don’t get it twisted folks, players are still going to try and lay out QB’s, RB’s and WR’s when they get the chance. That’s how the game is played and how it always should be.


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