ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says Democratic governors need to focus on “doing the things that work” to improve the economy and not on their political ideology.

O’Malley, a Democrat, appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show Thursday evening, speaking briefly about the difference between Democratic and GOP governors, and highlighting the gay marriage legislation he signed into law last week.

The chairman of the Democratic Governors Association accused Republican governors of failing to focus on economic recovery.

O’Malley also said he believed Marylanders would uphold the gay marriage law, which is expected to be petitioned to referendum on the November ballot.

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Comments (9)
  1. William McCollum says:

    Would that be the same Governor Martin O’Malley who owes whatever economic success his state enjoys to federal employment, both civilian and military? While he’s taking money from the Feds with one hand, he’s trying to stick the counties with the burden of picking up the tab for decades of Democrats caving to union demands. Somehow that doesn’t strike me as a viable model of “focusing on the economy.”

    1. KottaMan says:

      Amen on that!

  2. KottaMan says:

    Well, ain’t this the pot calling the kettle black as the old saying goes. I can’t believe how arrogant this doofus is to think that people will buy this baloney from his mouth. From the lips of the governor who can’t stop spending and taxing us into oblivion. The same governor who has run businesses out of the state. The same governor who wants a federal post so badly he can taste it.

    1. mommabird says:

      you can put money on this politician to run for president in 2016

  3. tylerjake says:

    Focus on the economy, and raise every tax imaginable! Turn your state into a giant welfare state and then ask the working citizens to pay MORE, MORE and MORE! Yup, he definitely knows the secrets to success!

  4. Bob Sherron says:

    Jack Owe’Malley wants to help the economy? By raising the tax on gas and lowering the amount of interest you can deduct from your mortgage? This story will be gone soon. As soon as someone post’s something negative about Owe’malley the story disapears.

  5. Sheeple says:

    Wow, Martin O’malley leading the way !!!! Handing out his formula for success. This country is in desperate times. The subversive nature of men like Martin O’ Smelly is the destructive force attacking our nation from the inside.

  6. BiteMe says:

    How about doing things that really work stop spending and quit raising taxes.

  7. camo says:

    God, How i would have loved to have been there when Obama called Him Jack. You’ll notice I capitalized Him because Marty Is the second coming……Yea,…the second coming of the burritto i had last night ……Ha Ha Ha Ha …………Bye the way Thanx , Bite Me, for the kind words the other day………Hope i haven’t responded too quickly, It’s only been an.hour. Is anyone else getting the message of responding too quickly…slow down……..Half of my comments have mysteriously disapeared into cyber space,so lets cross our fingers and ……submit comment

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