BALTIMORE (AP) — Federal and local authorities have charged three people following an investigation into a Baltimore gun distribution ring.

The Baltimore Sun reports they also seized weapons, cash and drugs with a street value of roughly $30,000.

Baltimore Police spokesman Detective Donny Moses said the suspects were expected to face federal charges, but the U.S. Attorney’s office had not released those charges by late Thursday.

Sixteen guns were seized, along with two ounces of heroin, two bullet-proof vests and $8,000, when officials executed five search and seizure warrants Thursday. The searches took place across Baltimore and in western Baltimore County.

Moses said the case began in January when a man arrested on a handgun charge began cooperating with police.

He said police have not yet determined where the guns originated.

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Comments (2)
  1. Truth Wins out says:

    Was ATF doing another Fast & Furious there by any chance?

  2. camo says:

    No, this is O’Malley and Attorney General Doug Gansler trying to make a bunch of drug dealers look like they are running guns now that their handgun permit law has been judged UNCONSTITUTIONAL ! They figure they’ll try and scare everyone to death of the””Big Bad Gun Ring ” Hello ! they confiscated 2 ozs. of Heroin and only 16 guns between 4 people, Hell, that’s their personal weapons to keep them “safe”. Don’t be surprised you don’ t start hearing about every single handgun that’s stolen in Md.from here on out,becausei if law abiding citizens didn’t have guns to steal there would be no gun problem in Md. or so goes the thinking of most Libs

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