ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Maryland delegate wants to update a law in order to legalize starting a car remotely.

Delegate Barbara Frush said during a Friday afternoon bill hearing that she recently learned that starting a car remotely is illegal because Maryland law prohibits drivers from leaving a car unattended unless the engine is shut off, the key is removed and the brake is set.

Her bill, which received no opposition in front of the House of Delegates Environmental Matters Committee, would exempt drivers who start their cars remotely.

Frush, a Democrat from Prince George’s County, said her proposed change makes sense because cars with automatic starts cannot be put into gear without a key.

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Comments (3)
  1. harold says:

    He Bab’s, we been doing this for years. Wake up.

  2. wllharrington says:

    Apparenlty Harold doesn’t understand that he has been illegal all these years and she is just trying to keep him from possibly being arrested. Wake up, Harold!

  3. The Grump says:

    There are many outdated, nonsense laws on the books, which simply have not been removed yet. This is one such law. In the days of Datsuns and Pintos, there were no computers in cars – no interlocks, nothing electronic except for the AM/FM/8 Track player (they had capacitors and resistors – wow).

    Now, keys have RFID, and the fuel management computer system will shut off the fuel without the RFID signal from the key. Time marched on, while Maryland law…didn’t. About time our reps did something useful. Maybe they will deep six O’Malley’s gas tax next. We can only hope – and vote anything but Democrat next time.

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