BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore teen is laid to rest one week after she is accidentally shot by friends.

Weijia Jiang has more on the emotional goodbye, and the questions that still remain.

Baltimore’s Southern Baptist Church was filled Saturday with love for Monae Turnage.

Hundreds waited in line to say goodbye at the 13-year-old’s funeral, including the lieutenant governor and mayor.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out during this time of mourning,” said Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.

It was a life ripped away too soon. So young, Turnage was buried with her stuffed animals.

Police say two boys–aged 12 and 13–accidentally shot Turnage last weekend. They were playing with a rifle.

“I’m a big person but I’m a very emotional person because it could have been my child,” said Deacon James McIntyre.

“It’s certainly a tragedy and sad day, I know for the family but for the city as well,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Sad for Baltimore in part because of the baffling circumstances surrounding Turnage’s death, and the public’s demand for answers.

Police say the boys hid Turnage’s body in an alley. And in the most stunning twist, the gun used ended up inside an off-duty city police officer’s car. He was reportedly dating one of the suspects’ relatives.

Investigators are still working out a timeline.

“Once we figure that out, if there is criminal wrongdoing, we’re going to hold people accountable, you can be certain of that,” said Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Until then, Turnage’s tight-knit church community turns to faith for comfort. Close friend April Deal says there are no words to express her pain.

“Very indescribable. We just can’t believe how tragic this death was. She was only 13. She didn’t have to go out that way,” Deal said.

The officer linked to the gun has been suspended as this investigation continues. It’s important to note he has not been charged with any crime.

Both boys in the case have been charged with involuntary manslaughter as juveniles.

Comments (9)
  1. Panurge says:

    No one drags a human across an alley and buries then amongst trash! NO one does this unless YOU are the PERP. SHE was murdered and that ‘s the fact JACK!!!

  2. Watchdog says:

    What’s a Negro? They were not hispanic.

  3. GM says:

    Those boys should be tried as adults for first degree murder.

  4. GM says:

    Those boys should be tried as adults for first degree murder.

    1. jeffreyharrison says:

      I agree with your opnion 100%, the act of placing her lifeless body outside, then burying it under trash/debris is something ADULT MINDS calculate. These boys should be tried as ADULTS.

  5. theox says:

    The year is 2012 but you’d think it’s 1812 from the violence in Baltimore. Civilized people do not act like this. Actually, chimps don’t even act like this.

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Theox, you can not reframe from racist statement can you?

  7. Tragic says:

    Why….no one will ever know, Who…2 13 yrold children…What…Murder is when you try to cover it up…manslaughter is when its an accident and you call the police rite away…..Saddness….is what i feel for the Family …I have a 12yr old daughter and couldnt bear to lose her….Pray…is what we all shud do for these people…… Learn…from what has happened so it doesnt happen again..13 yr old children in possesion of a Rifle or gun is always Fatal…..Please watch yur children and WHO they hang out with….today’s 13 yrolds are yesterday’s 16 yr olds

  8. TiredExcuses says:

    Prayers to the young girls familiy… especially her brother. How awful it had to be for him to have to search and find his sister… dead… covered up…

    I hold blame to the department who did not search for her… to the person who left a dangerous weapon unsecure… to the off-duty officer who … well who knows what his role was… but I have little faith it was one of honor

    And seriously… I don’t know how to feel about those two young boys. Who was influencing their actions… Was it just pure curiosity… Was it true cruelty… or just plain fear and stupidity. We would like to think that at that age… they should know better… But let us be real with our expectations of their ability to “know better”… because obviously the adults surrounding them didn’t know better…

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