TOWSON, Md. (AP) — Towson University administrators say they don’t plan any action against a student group that chalked “White Pride” messages around campus.

The group, Youth for Western Civilization, chalked messages that included those words at several campus locations last weekend. Some students say they were offended by the messages and consider them racist. Hundreds of students discussed the messages at a heated meeting Thursday night.

The group’s president, Matthew Heimbach, denies any racist intent, but says students who are white should be proud of their
heritage. The chapter is part of a national group that is represented on certain campuses around the country.

Towson administrators say they want to be respectful of free speech rights and aren’t planning any punishment, though they do
plan to review the school’s chalking policy.

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Comments (6)
  1. dcapettini says:

    Black Pride, Latino Pride, Gay Pride, International Women’s Day, Native American Pride, Deaf Pride – These are all healthy expressions. White Pride is intimidating and needs to be monitored. A hell of a lot more white people are killed, robbed and beaten by members of “legitimate” prideful communities than the other way around.Check out Maryland’s murder statistics I do not belong to any White Pride groups and do not have any plans to join. But, get off our backs! My people got off the boat in 1913. We never had any slaves and never killed any Indians.

  2. Abby says:

    I can certainly understand The need for learning about our heritage. As it is said if we do not learn of our past we are doomed to repeat it. It is disturbing how simple words divide us. I support something not mentioned “American Pride”! This country has grown and changed again and again. Our families, from the old to the very young all have their wonderful charms.I am proud to be apart of a country where I feel we still consider each others needs. If the Next store neighbor needs me I will be considering the golden rule, not who is proud of what. I am a Proud American! I am proud of our diversity and our very charming people!

  3. cathy says:

    I dont think they did anything wrong.all the other races have their groups,Even though they were not charges I am waiting for the naacp or a black group to file charges,they usually do

  4. Dave says:

    What is so bothering in these words? If someone wants to feel pride then good for them. I would just ignore it. Of course it shows ignorance but who cares

    Good articles on

  5. kevin says:

    How can the black community can have miss black america pagent, black history month etc , but yet if the white community did so we would have the NAACP filing a lawsuit for segragating against the black community. Another thing that bothers me is you don’t hear about the american indians filing a lawsuit over everytime someone expresses pride in there heritage . Its almost like the NAACP is always looking for free money! Its 2012 , you would think by now everyone by now wouldn’t see color or race! But its corperations like the NAACP that keep racism alive in this country! Thers bigger things in this country to worry about more then some kid taking pride in his race, it wasn’t a hate crime! But yet its ok to keep white , asian, indian ,etc women out of the miss black american pagents and yet none of them are filing a lawsuit! And if anybody thinks im racist , my oldest daughter is mixed and I love her dearly!

    1. Jay says:

      Good point Kevin…could you even imagine television advertisements for the miss White America pageant?

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