FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ)– Massive closures are on the way for post offices and branches nationwide. It’s how the postal service plans to save some cash in a sluggish economy.

But as Gigi Barnett explains, the move has sparked a protest to save one of Frederick County’s processing plants.

“We don’t want a taxpayers’ bailout! We just want to get the mail out!” protesters yelled.

The protesters are homeowners, business owners and postal workers who say the mail is always late.

“There’s one day in the week when I do not get any mail at all– no standard mail, no first-class mail,” retired postal worker Fran Owens said.

They call this demonstration a fight-back because the U.S. Postal Service shut down the mail processing plant in Frederick last year.

“I’m sure they had to do some changes in the postal service but they don’t have to do things this extreme,” mail carrier Susan Ledford said.

Last year, the postal service slated about 3,700 post offices and plants nationwide for downsizing and complete closure. The proposed cuts are the largest in postal service history.

“If the postmaster general’s plan is implemented, that is what’s going to happen — the service delays etc., the lack of manpower. If he gets rid of all the employees he wants to, that’s going to decrease service,” Rich Shelley of the American Postal Service Union said. “And that’s no way to save a business.”

More than 120 of the post offices and plants set to close are in Maryland and Virginia. For postal workers, that’s cause to protest.

“We see a lot of hazards to our customers,” Ledford said. “And this is not about us, necessarily. It is, because we’re going to lose our jobs, but this is about our customers.”

USPS says its proposed cuts will serve about $200 million every year.

USPS says it is on track to cut costs by $20 billion by 2015.

Comments (13)
  1. hahaha says:

    Now that there jobs are on the line they are worried about the customers? Too little, too late

  2. Larry26 says:

    This is what will happend on the Eastern Shore and other places in the Maryland and Virginia area if the Post Office closes everything in site. A lot of people do not know that the Post Office has to pay the Federal Goverment right off of the top every year. No other Federal Agency does this. Small wonder that the Post Office is in the red. Why does the Post Office have to pay the Federal government. This should stop immediately. The Congress is so money hungry. They take money where they can to keep themselves in the elite class. It is time to hit them at the ballot box and vote out all professional career politicians. They are drain on this Country and they don’t do anything for the people, only themselves.

  3. Richard says:

    To the first poster, do you REALLY think EVERY postal worker is to blame for whatever beef you have?? I sincerely hope that one day you lose your job due to the inept management of the company you’re working for, or to other factors outside your control. By your assinine reasoning, it will have been YOUR fault. Many postal workers, myself included, have ALWAYS argued about some of the decisions management has made, and saying the customers deserve better. But with a tool like you I wouldn’t have cared. By the way, it’s “their jobs”. I guess you’re uneducated in at least two areas.

    1. dj says:

      so true on this, people don’t seem to understand it all starts at the top. Moral issues customer service etc., alot of good employees are poisoned by inept and or corrupt management, they try to do the job with exceptional service, but when they are shot down or get idiotic directions from management sooner or later the why even try attitude kicks in and they become disenfranchised with the whole system. The way to fix the post office is to get rid of the dead wood at the top and get off the backs of the lower rung employees.

  4. Martha says:

    We need to save the post office. The Postmaster General wants to close over 230 of the mail processing centers and over 3,000 post offices. And his plan includes laying off almost 220,000 workers. In this economy, that’s the last thing we need. Tell Congress: Save America’s post offices! The White House Petition is found online at:

    Thank you.

  5. hahaha says:

    Richard after such a long post it is time to close your window and take a break

  6. really says:

    No one saw this coming over the last 15 years? Really? Online billing, e-statements, e-readers for magazines and newspapers, e-cards, music through itunes, etc. Who needs to get mail 6 days a week? I might check my mailbox once every 2 weeks to collect all the junk mail that gets thrown out as soon as I go in the house. The Govt. can TAKE my mailbox back, I have no use for it.

  7. amy garrison says:

    Interesting logic so many have.” I use the internet, so mail is no longer relevant.” Hmmm…I guess the almost 88 million people in this country with no computers are no longer relevant either? What about all the small rural communities who cannot get a cell phone signal? What about the millions who cannot afford internet access or computers? Are they no longer relevant? Oh yeah- ask how many senior citizens use computers. Make sure you tell the ones who don’t have internet they are not relevant either. Sure hope all the computer users never lose signal or electricity for any length of time.

  8. the mechanic says:

    Who really care about a subsided welfare system for blacks? Time to shut it down & let them eat chicken wings elsewhere while I stand out front awaiting someone to wait on me & my tax dollars that support this mess.

    1. Save The Post Office says:

      America’s Tax Dollars Do Not Support The Postal Service. Get Your Facts Straight. Save America’s Postal Service. Sign The White House Petition.
      Thank you

  9. marie says:

    schools, libraries, phones, the workplace, cafe’s all offer internet service. just because you may not get a cell signal doesn’t mean you can’t get cable or dsl. and if you’ve ever checked out youtube, i’d say there’s millions of senior citizens that know how to use a computer just fine. just because you’re a senior doesn’t mean your incompetent. and no one said they were not relevent but you don’t need 50 post offices to serve 5 rural communities. the paper age is going away, the digital age is here. and as a senior citizen, with little cell service, i can manage just fine without mail.

  10. Molly Kelly says:

    It would be great to get rid of Darrell Issa, who is fueling the privitization of the Post Office. Please help put Jerry Tetalman, the endorsed Democrat, in his place by lending your support. Jerry is well-informed of the burden that Congress has put on the post office. He believes in actual “governing.” America loves the post office. Let’s let Darrell know he should get his “hands-off.”

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