WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Maryland’s primary election is just weeks away, on April 3. On top of Republicans selecting their nominee for president, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin is trying to hold on to his seat.

Adam May has more.

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin faces a hard run of challenges in the upcoming primary. He’s considered a heavy favorite to win and return to Washington for another term.

“They are [tough] but I do look forward to a campaign,” Cardin said.

Speaking to WJZ outside the U.S. Capitol between votes, Cardin is gearing up for his first re-election to the U.S. Senate. His first TV ad is now on air, an emotional story about a child who died from an infected tooth.

“A national program that guarantees every child access to dental care. I’m very proud of that accomplishment,” Cardin said. “I’m leader of preserving the Chesapeake Bay, working hard to preserve it for future generations.”

“I think Senator Cardin goes with the Democratic party,” said state Senator Anthony Muse.

Muse is running against Cardin in the primary.

“He’s been in office 45 years and he’s part of the status quo and people are looking for change,” Muse said.

But Cardin has a long list of endorsements from Democratic leaders, including the president, who’s campaigning for Cardin Thursday.

“I think it’s important for Democrats to know we have unity in our state,” Cardin said.

Republicans will also be selecting their Senate candidate in the primary. The candidates include Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent from Anne Arundel County, who’s looking for a major upset.

Early voting in the primary begins March 24.

Comments (13)
  1. tomtom says:

    all he cares about is keeping his cushy job and snuggling up to obama. representing the people are you kidding me?

  2. Josh(Parkville) says:

    Cardin is a poster child for career politicians. tom marr below is right, he just wants to keep his cushy $174,000 a year job. He probably makes more now. What a complete joke….

  3. essexman says:

    This man is nothing more than a cheerleader for Obama. Cardin voted for Obamacare and along with the rest of MD democrats have almost ruined this once great state. Nobody I know will vote for this man. Vote all of them out.

  4. think Maryland says:

    throw the people an occasional bone and live like an elitest….Ben do Md a favor and retire…maybe u and Babs can take a crusie on the Comfort..

  5. Wake Up People says:

    What does Ben need with advertisements of black children on his lap in a cheap attempt to sway black voters when WJZ does it for him for free? Adam May if you were a real reporter rather than pitching Ben slow balls — “what legislation are you most proud of”– for him to try to hit a home run you would have found out that the ball was really a balloon full of hot air. Ben wasn’t even a co-sponsor on the legislation he’s claiming to be so proud of. Don’t take my word, check the facts. And President Obama stepping off the plane from your video files as if he’s landing at BWI Thurgood Marshall to greet Ben. You guys don’t even try to hide your bull.

  6. think Maryland says:

    do u think Ben’s kids went to school l with any black kids ???/

  7. Benton Heights says:

    Yes, it’s time for Ben to retire. Even his government provided website doesn’t work anymore. Use his website to rebut his position and see if you get a reply. His staff is a bunch of toadies and lickspittles that fawn over his Obama puppetry. There isn’t a whole spine between him and Mikulski the other Obama puppet.

  8. awsinnottingham says:

    Obama coming to campaign for Ben is all the proof I need to vote for some one else. With the likes of these, socialism is a whole lot closer than you think.

  9. Vote them out...now says:

    The commerical that is currently airing on WJZ-TV where the “little voice” in the background says how upset “my friend, Ben,” was when he found out a little boy died from an infected tooth is truly a travesty. Talk about truly showing Democratic ‘color!” Unless I missed him or her, I didn’t see any caucasian children in that commercial. The Democrats never cease to amaze me, but then again……Truly, Mikulski, Cardin and the rest of them have been in office far too long. When will the people of Maryland wake up and start voting for progress, not to keep entitlement programs going for those who want to do nothing to earn a living?

  10. yousefthe giant says:

    Ben the Hebrew is useless, spends other people’s money.

  11. tntfitness says:

    Ben Cardin has been in office longer than I have been alive!! I’m 37! He is so out of touch with what the average Joe is going through it is ridiculous! I’m in for Bongino- The man can honestly say that he likes Pres.Obama as a person, but disagrees with him politically. He was willing to take a bullet for the man on the Secret Service Detail. He Gave up his career in order to run against Cardin. I don’t care what party you are from- that takes guts and deserves a look.
    Bongino.com And for the record I am not on his staff!

  12. Arthur H Jackson says:

    Just like Kennedy Townsend, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY BOSSES are telling Sen C Anthony Muse to wait your peoples turn to be the first African American US Senator,both US Senate seats have been promise to US Rep Chris Vanollen and Rep Sarbanes, it could be aother 50-100 years bfore an Ffrican American or Hispanic American is elected to represent Maryland in The USSenate.
    While Black voters will support President Obama , We will coalition with other Maryland Democrats Unbossed or Unbought to defeat Ben Cardin on April3rd.

    We will not be disrespected, omly 9% og Marylanders believe the SENATE REPRESENT THE 99ers,

  13. VOTE for RICHARD DOUGLAS says:

    Cardin needs to retire now! Adam May neglects to mention that there is another Republican candidate with better credentials to become the nominee to run against Cardin. RICHARD DOUGLAS is by far the best qualified candidate to take on Cardin. http://www.DOUGLASforSENATE2012.com

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