Ed Norris: ‘Skins Do It Again

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This guy? Really? (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

This guy? Really? (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ed Norris Ed Norris
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After making the very questionable decision of giving away the store for a shot at RG3, it was reported that they violated salary cap regulations that will cost them $36,000,000 in cap room over the next two years. The violation happened during the uncapped year prompting listeners to call and text asking how it could have happened during an uncapped year.

The answer appears to be pretty simple …they were told not to do whatever they did on six different occasions and ignored the warnings. So, basically the other owners were angry at Snyder for thumbing his nose at them and decided to hit where it hurts most.

It amazes me that after years of bad decisions the fan base remains so intensely loyal. Maybe that’s why he does it…he feels like he can because the fans are there either way.

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