BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Major changes for Baltimore City Police following the death of one of their own. Officer William Torbit was killed by fellow officers when he was mistaken for a gunman outside a nightclub.

Monique Griego has more on department-wide reforms to prevent another tragedy.

It was just last month the city named a street for Police Officer William Torbit. Now, police are taking steps to make sure no officer dies the way he did.

Crime camera footage captured the chaos outside Select Lounge. Officer Torbit— in plainclothes– was attacked by the crowd and shot 22-year-old Sean Gamble. Then, fellow officers opened fire on him. Torbit was hit 20 times.

Now, Baltimore Police have issued new reforms to prevent another tragedy.

“It’s a profound change for the better in working to make sure that the incident that took place on Jan. 9 of last year will never ever happen again in the history of this department,” said Anthony Guglielmi, spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department.

The changes include better training and preventing plainclothes officers from responding to crowd control situations.

The department will also bring together a team of officers from various units to investigate police-involved shootings.

Torbit’s family says the changes are a step in the right direction. But they still have questions.

“It will make a difference for Baltimore. But will it make a difference for our family as far as understanding why it happened the way it did? No, it won’t make a difference,” Patricia Clark, Torbit’s sister, said in an interview on Feb. 3.

Gamble’s family tells WJZ they are pleased that the city police department has finally recognized that major changes must be made to address the many police failures that led to his death.

Police will also lobby to license entertainment venues and keep track of violence inside nightclubs.

A lawyer for Select Lounge tells WJZ he fears this could happen again. He says police need constitutional law, use of force and sensitivity training.

The new reforms were recommended by an independent commission appointed by the mayor.

Comments (10)
  1. Heuy says:

    Baltimore City police admit to shoot their own unlike the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office who deny their officers involved in a friendly fire which leaves 1 man dead (Emory Lamont Lewis 2008.

  2. Kurt says:

    “A step in the right direction”… (?) I’m assuming the only step they are looking for is the one to their bank account ! Nothing ends the endless suffering of losing loved one to a senseless situation like getting PAID ! Get your check book out Stephanie, this one is going to hurt !

  3. crazy! says:

    The only real victims here are the police officers that shot Torbit. Both Torbit and Gamble caused their own deaths by acting like fools. Hey, let’s keep plainclothes officers from responding to crowd control situations. How about there is absolutely NO reason why Flex Officers need to be in plainclothes. Get them back in uniform Freddy.

  4. concerned citizen says:

    ballsohardclub you are a idiot.

    1. ballsohardclub says:

      I fuc’d yo momma so you are too.

  5. Sean CS says:

    What is also a major issue here that no ultra-liberal blacks in denial want to talk about is the fact that is Baltimore’s party club black people are just too often out of control with their animalistic uncivilized behavior. Seriously, I as a black man have simply stopped attending and going to venues, places and events that are sure to attract a lot of blacks because of tragic events like this. My fellow blacks–especially the younger ones–really scare me. I’ve been to too many events in which fights have broken out and even a shooting at one club I attended. However, I have never had any problems attending white clubs in Fells Point or even in other cities. I attended a night club in Paris and several pubs in London and never ever had any problems. The problem is really black urban Americans–especially in cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago, etc. who are just a menace to attend clubs with. I will also mention that I also go to African clubs in DC with my African wife and have done so for over 12 years now and have never ever seen a fight or any kind of disrespect. Are you listening fellow black Americans? You don’t have to live in a culture of thug violence. It’s ok to be nice and decent and still be macho and cool.

  6. ballsohardclub says:

    Sean C. Your race would refer to you as “Uncle Tom”. These worthless sperm bring all blacks a bad name & it is just not the urban black thugs glorifying the rap phonies antics as seen on an all black racist t,v show shuch as BET. The Ho’s or women, I won’t call them ladies are just as bad. They start the fights but dic grabbing & pulling the black studs who are in heat anyway to cause the problems & then they slip away to play another day.

  7. concerned citizen says:

    Sean c. i agree with your statement but it’s not only the blacks it’s all races.
    Young people today are have no respect for anything these days no matter the color of thier skin. They are not taugt respect at home, which rsults into what we see now. And for you ballsohardclub no matter what kind of insult you throw at me just prove my point you are an IDIOT.

  8. Jethro says:

    Without geting into the thug mentatlity, and the acceptance of that by the black community, there is another problem that I see as just as pressing in Maryland. That is, the apparent training of police officers to shot to kill. If a person who is not a police officer is involved with someone who threatens them, they are allowed to take measures to defend themselves. That does not give them license, however, to kill that individual once they are no longer in danger. For instance, when a home owner shot an intruder, and downed him, aned then reloaded in order to pump another 6 rounds into the criminal, that was not okay. In the same respect, once police officers render an assailant such that he no longer represents a threat, they should not continue to pump bullets into him until he is dead. In this case the police officer WAS a gunman, and the unformed officers had no way of knowing that he was a cop. That made his shooting justified, but it did not justify continuing to shoot him until they were sure he was dead. THAT is the problem!

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