Md. Priest Defends Denial Of Communion To Lesbian

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (AP) — A Gaithersburg priest is defending his decision to deny Communion to a woman at a funeral Mass because she is a lesbian. The priest has since been suspended.

In a statement to the conservative website, the Rev. Marcel Guarnizo said Barbara Johnson introduced another woman as her “lover” during a Feb. 25 funeral for Johnson’s mother.

“Openly confessing sin” should be done in a confessional and not before Communion, he said. He said he then quietly withheld

Guarnizo said that the incident was a “warning” to the church and that he’s confident he did the only thing a “faithful Catholic
priest could do.”

In announcing his removal, the Archdiocese of Washington cited allegations that Guarnizo intimidated parish staff. Guarnizo denied that, saying he was removed after trying to obtain written comment about what happened from the funeral director and a parish staff member.

Johnson’s family called Guarnizo’s response “arrogant” and “deceitful.” Johnson said he is politicizing her mother’s death.

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  • LiberalSoldier

    I don’t care who you are or who you represent hatred, bigotry and discrimination has no place in our society.

    • happymatt

      I don’t care who you are or who you represent, but society has no place expecting a church to conform its ways to fit the desires of a secular society.

      • LiberalSoldier

        A church is nothing more than a corporation for the weak minded souls who must be told what to do, what to believe, and how to live their life. If you are unable to look within your heart and mind to gain direction you deserve to be lead around by the nose.

  • tony

    does this priest refuse communion to women who take birth control pills? He needs to wake up

  • ballsohardclub

    Fuc him , he;s not god but sounds like he is auditioning for the job.

  • LOL

    This is probably the first time this heffer has sat at a table with just a glass of water in front of her.BRING ON THE CHOW!!!

    • LiberalSoldier

      It has nothing to do with a priest playing the role of a bigot.

  • fed up

    rag on the priest but he is probably one of the few who is actually not a molester

  • paul k

    he probably refused since he was scared that the fat lez might bite off his arm thinking is was type of meal, like she hasn’t missed too damn many

    • LiberalSoldier

      Has the church figured out what they are going to do with all their child moesters? I would think that should be problem number one. Then they can mess with everyone’s life.

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