HANOVER, Md. (WJZ)— On this St. Patrick’s Day, some people who are feeling lucky headed to the casino. That’s what thousands did Saturday morning.

But as Gigi Barnett explains, instead of playing slots at the state’s newest casino, they were applying for jobs.

This is where the path to employment at Maryland Live! Casino begins.

“I knew there’d be a turnout, but not like this,” said one attendee.

But recruiters inside knew interest would be high at this weekend’s job fair. Within a matter of minutes, the line grew, snaking around the building.

And most of them know which position they want.

“Anything in accounting, finance, any customer care service,” said Tania Hudson.

Hudson is an at-home mom, who wants to get back to work.

So far, nothing’s panned out. She hopes this will.

“I’ve been on several interviews and call-backs and things like that, but nothing permanent,” she said.”It’s kinda gotten hard with the bills. I’m a single mom, so.”

Michelle Schwartz needs a part-time position at the new $500 million casino complex. She says seeing her competition face-to-face is tough.

“It is a little nerve-racking, ’cause you see all of these people, and I’m sure a lot of them bring vast experience. But hopefully, let the best person win,” Schwartz said.

Nine hundred jobs are at stake and the deadline to fill them all is at the end of next month.

“At that point, we’ll have identified everybody and we’ll have a couple more weeks to bring everybody on and start training. We’re in sprint mode now,” said Rob Norton.

Casino managers are looking to fill every position from servers to security.

Comments (13)
  1. dave says:

    minimum wage jobs for most while the casinos rake the suckers over the tables. Who do you think builds these casinos?…..A.A. county a-holes.

  2. Respect the Unemployed says:

    Minimum wage us better than WELFARE. There is dignity in any job.

  3. Respect the Unemployed says:

    CORRECTION. Minimum wage IS better than WELFARE.

    1. Sezmane says:

      Exactly put people to work builds moral and character even if it is a casino and when the crime goes up send in more police!!

      1. DHarri says:

        Many educated and skilled workers have been out of work for so long it gets to be beyond demoralizing which diminishes your character.

    2. dave says:

      In your mind maybe but that is all. Welfare take home pay equals to better than $10 an hr. No wonder people give up & or work under the table.

  4. Curt says:

    How money is going to help schools thay talked so much about

  5. goodluckcharmsthatwork says:

    Maybe Casino Gambling makes the world go ’round, and we didn’t even know it?

  6. outkasts says:

    Only real place for a casino is Baltimore.Atlantic City will still get 80% of Maryland casino money

  7. yousefthe giant says:

    Same ole B.S. by the officals: Casino winnings & lotto will go towards the seniors & schools. When did that ever happen?

  8. The grump says:

    No table games – no sale. Sorry, MD Live ! Sorry, but Governor O’Loser, eh, I mean O’Malley doesn’t want table games, so my gambling business still goes to Atlantic City (Or Vegas, whenever I’m out there). Table games rule – slots are for suckers.

  9. DHarri says:

    The hiring process for the casino is completely dehumanized as with many other jobs offered on the usual job boards. You register on this site put in for the jobs that you think would best fit your skills and check to boards daily to see if the job is still open or closed not knowing if you were given any consideration. The internet has become a filter for getting around hiring practices or even meeting a person face to face anymore.

  10. Frederick James says:

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