CAMBRIDGE, Md. (WJZ) — Cambridge police are searching for the man who injured a police officer early Sunday morning.

Police say Demetrice Demby, 39, injured a Cambridge police officer around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. Demby may be injured as a result of the officer shooting back.

According to police, officers stopped Demby for a traffic violation. While Demby’s vehicle, a 1995 Chevrolet truck, was stopped, police called for a K9 unit, due to possible drug violations. While the K9 scan was happening, Demby accelerated the truck and is believed to have driven directly at one of the officers, who was standing in front of the truck. That officer fired his pistol at Demby. A second officer also fired his pistol.

The officer in front of the truck dove away as the truck passed him. It’s not known whether his injuries are from the fall, the truck striking him or both.

Demby fled the scene. Police officers pursued him but lost him a few moments later. The truck was found abandoned on Muir Street, a few blocks away. The vehicle had damage consistent with gunshots and police saw what appeared to be blood.

The injured officer is undergoing treatment at a local hospital for injuries to his arms and legs, including a broken ankle. His injuries are not life threatening. None of the police officers’ names is being released.

The incident is under investigation.

  1. peter o neil says:

    Effin coon town Cambridge is.

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